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Successfully Installing Skin Weft Hair Extensions Detailed Instructions Part II

Happy Friday and Halloween weekend!

We're back to give you the rest of the instructions on how to successfully install your hair weft. If you missed out on our Wednesday post see below this post or click directly on this link which will take you to the post: Successfully Installing Skin Weft Hair Extensions Detailed Instructions Part I.

A Quick Review:

  • Figure out what section of your hair you want your skin weft installed.
  • After you've separated the top and middle section of your hair, you are going to install your hair weft working from the bottom part of your hair to the top part (of the section you separated.)
  • Now that you have the main separated section of hair where your weft will be placed, cut the skin weft to the appropriate size depending on the length of your scalp section where it will be installed.
  • Apply a combination of hair glue and tape to the skin weft to successfully glue it into your hair.

Now that you're all caught up on the general instructions, you're probably wondering what comes next. Yes, the rest may seem common sense, but there still is a correct way of gluing the skin weft into your hair to make it long lasting.

Ready, set, go!

5. Picking up the polyurethane strip from the flat counter top where we left off, use your thumb and pointer finger to hold the strip on each side, without getting the glue and tape on your fingers. Carefully place the glued side of the strip directly onto your scalp in the section we had you separate from the last article. Make sure that you are placing the glued strip about a half inch in from the part, or in other words, away from the part that you separated in the middle of your head.

Hold the center of the weft in place where you just laid it down and then gently smooth down the remaining of the strip. Now firmly push your fingers on the strip for at least 10-15 seconds to make sure the glue sets. Apply an equal amount of pressure across the entire weft strip to make sure it is secure before you let go.

6. Now for our final step, repeat the above step until you have the desired amount of skin wefts successfully glued on your hair scalp for a brand new you with a new set of gorgeous locks!

Depending on what you would like your end results to be, there are different ways to apply the skin weft hair extensions...

If you want a lot of length in your hair, apply the wefts at least an inch apart. This spreads them out enough to where there will be a layered effect, but your hair will still be long and shiny. Now you can have the long hair that you've always dreamed of having!

Is volume your goal for your hair revamp? Then this time apply a weft every 2 to 4 inches. The more wefts that you have evenly dispersed in the separated area of your hair, the more volume it will create. Later create a fabulous up do with your hair that is full of volume!

Now that you've created some layers, volume, straight hair, or all three, give the glue some time to dry and set. It should dry fairly quickly, but you don't want all of your hard work to get ruined, now do you? Be patient and let the weft stick to your scalp for at least 10 to 15 hours.

This means that you cannot brush your hair!! Again, let the glue dry 10 to 15 hours before you have fun with your new weft hair extensions. After you've waited the long period of time (which will go by quickly, believe us!) have fun and style your new hair do. Then send us a picture and let us know how your wefts turned out!

We hope these instructions helped with your installation process. Your weft hair extensions should last in your hair up to 8 weeks if you've done everything correctly. To make them last as long as possible, gently brush your hair, wash it every 2-3 days, and no yanking please! Your locks deserve all of the love in the world if you desire perfect locks. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

- Perfect Locks

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