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Strand by Strand Hair Application Methods

Micro Link Application MethodAfter purchasing your hair extensions, you have to decide on the method of hair extension application. Generally speaking, you have two main choices in this case. You can get either a ?full head? of hair extensions or you can get individual-strand hair extensions. The full-head type may refer to attaching a single hairpiece of synthetic or human hair extensions, but it may also refer to attaching wefts. This article will discuss the various methods of strand by strand application, we will discuss weft applications in a future article.

To add individual hair extension strands, one at a time, your hair stylist can do one of three things. They can fuse, bond or glue the individual hair extensions to your own hair, strand by strand. They can also use shrink tubing on your hair. Finally, they may choose to attach the hair extensions to your hair through metal cylinders and micro links.

In the first method of individual hair extension attachment, a chemical is used as a bonding material. This method is akin to gluing hair extensions to the ends of your own hair to extend their length. Fusion may entail the application of heat or not depending on the type of bond used (wax-based bonds, for instance, need heat). You could either buy pre-bonded hair extensions, or purchase bulk hair and glue to create your own pre-tipped hair.

In the second method of hair extension application, special tubing is applied on the tips of the hair extensions ? specifically, the end that will be attached to yours. After that, each strand of hair extension will be carefully attached to your hair. Heat will be applied to the tubing to make them shrink and therefore bond the extension to your own hair.

In the third method links are used to ?pinch? the hair extensions so they would adhere to your own hair. Each strand of your hair extensions will be linked to each strand of your own hair. This method produces the hardiest type of individual-strand extensions.

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