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Spring Time Fashion: Put a Spring in Your Step with Gorgeous Trends!

Spring is slowly arriving and so is spring time fashion! This year we're seeing a mix of bright colors and pastels that make gorgeous ensembles that we're crazy about. In particular we are loving all of the mint green accessories and beautiful pink dresses. Here are some amazing trends and fashionable ensembles that we're loving.

Pastel Colors: Beautiful pastels are perfect for the spring time and really the sky is the limit when it comes to accessorizing! There are several pastel dresses available, pastel pumps, and more on all of your favorite sites.

With the flowers blooming and the birds chirping it's impossible not to embrace pastel colors. Plus these colors are so easy to pair together! Easily put together a light pink dress or light blue top with beige pants and neutral accessories. Create a look that's trendy and definitely in style.

Bright Colored Pants: If you love color now is the time to embrace it. Recently we've been seeing bright colored jeans everywhere. They are so much fun to pair with a favorite tee-shirt too!

Don't be afraid to pull out the bold and bright accessories too. We're talking friendship bracelets, bangles, and more. This is the time to let your personality shine and your outfit rule.

Glittery Pumps: Don't worry, sparkles and jewels are still here to stay. You'll be seeing these elements even more so on high heels and flats. In particular we've been noticing amazing pumps that glisten in the sunlight!

Pumps that glitter are great for an evening out with the girls. But don't let their sparkly personality stop you from wearing them to work or a dinner event! It's good to have a bold piece of footwear when the day seems long. In fact, the shoes will make you have a smile on your face if there's a bad part to your day.

Mint Green: Yes, we know that mint green is technically a pastel color, but this color is standing out more than the rest. In particular there are mint green purses and loafers that are calling our name. This spring you can have fun sporting your mint green pumps, purse, or other accessories.

Mint is a great color shade that goes with many colors - so don't be afraid to have fun with it! Or maybe splurge on a Burberry mint green clutch or handbag?

Have fun this spring and embrace the trends - they're beautiful and will go lovely with your perfect locks! ;)

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