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Smooth Your Way to Glowing Skin

Since we're headed into winter time it's now important to not only focus on exfoliating your face, but to also focus on exfoliating the rest of your body too! Exfoliation is very important to keep your skin healthy and glowing and it also is a great way to rejuvenate skin that's in extra need of outstanding care! So what items do you need to start your exfoliation process? Let's find out:

Items you need for exfoliation:

  • Body lotion
  • Body brush, loofah, or exfoliating gloves
  • Pumice stone
  • Exfoliating cleanser

Now that you know what items you need to exfoliate, let's learn how to properly exfoliate!

Before you get ready to take a shower, first brush your skin lightly with either exfoliating gloves, a loofah or body brush. Be careful not to brush too hard on your skin because you don't want to damage your skin, but it is important to use your tool to remove the initial loose skin. Plus you'll be getting your body ready for the exfoliating process! Start with your feet and move your way up the rest of your body.

To exfoliate correctly, first apply a cleanser, soap, or shower gel to your gloves or loofah. Scrub your body in a circular motion starting with your feet and working your way up. Once you reach your bikini zone be sure not to scrub too hard because this area of your skin is very sensitive and you need to treat it kindly.

Once you've scrubbed your back and other places that might be hard to reach, it's time to exfoliate the rest of your body. once you reach your face be gentle to this area of your skin as well, especially around your mouth and eyes. Also - only use a exfoliating brush or product that is made for your face because you don't want to damage the skin on your face. Better yet, find an exfoliation formula from a great company like bareMinerals that makes facial washes designed to gently exfoliate your the skin on your face.

After you've exfoliated your hands as well (yes, your hands need it as well!), rinse your body with lukewarm water. After rinsing your body with warm water rinse your body with cold water, even though it will be cold! To finish off your exfoliating process, cleanse your body with a delightful smelling showering gel. Your exfoliating process is now complete! Just don't forget lotion which will keep your body moisturized and feel free to complete this process weekly or every couple of weeks to keep your body looking silky smooth and glowing too!

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