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Slicked Back and Sultry: Get DIY Slick Tresses in an Instant

The hair trend may be loose and lovely, but did you know that a sleek and slicked back look is also in? For a sleek every day hairstyle why not try a shiny haired look that will show everyone that you're definitely into the latest hair trends. You'll be happy to know that this hair trend is  fairly easy to pull off with hair gel and a shine serum to create that perfect look. If you want to learn how to style your hair extensions and perfect your locks into a smooth hairstyle, keep reading.

Find a hair gel that isn't extremely sticky and either after a day of not washing your hair or right after you wash your hair, squeeze about a quarter-size of the styling gel into one of your hands. After rubbing your hands together so that the gel isn't in one huge clump, it's time to apply it to your hair. Run your hands through your locks and work it through your hair until it's worked back into the slick style you want to achieve. It's important not to rub the gel into the roots of your hair, however, because you'll need this foundation to develop a slicked back hairstyle.

After cleaning your hands and getting all of the excess hair gel off of them, locate a hair dryer or diffuser. Use one hand to hold your hairdryer above your head and use your other hand to brush your hair back into the position you want it to be in. Work on your part and make it a side part or middle part depending on your mood. Or- don't have a part at all! Even though your hair will look slick you don't want it to look greasy, which is why you're using a blow dryer to  dry your tresses prior to applying the serum.

Next it's time to apply a silicone-based shine serum that will add to your slick hairstyle. In the same way that you styled tresses with the hair gel, now you'll do the same thing with the serum. The serum will do an excellent job at allowing the hair to to stay back and will also add shine to your locks as well. To finish off your polished ponytail or slick back hairstyle that's down, use a medium-hold hairspray. Now you have a prepped and polished hairstyle that you can show off!

Many of the celebs love working the runway or showing up at a fun movie event with a hairstyle like this, so search the internet and find a variety of images that inspire you to create a lovely sleek style. Most often bright red lipstick will look fabulous with this look and if you have the opportunity to get all dressed up, wear a little a little black dress and create the perfect staple! For casual weekend attire a slicked back pony is fun as well and with a pair of pumps and your favorite pair of jeans, you'll have the most amazing slicked back tresses around.

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