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Skin Care Tips You Need to Implement During the Fall and Winter

As popular beauty products change based on seasonal trends from summer to fall, beauty trends also change based on necessity. As the temperature begins to drop, humidity changes, and amount of precipitation increases or decreases, our skin requires new products to properly weather the elements absent during spring and summer. To update our beauty regimens, we look to both fall trends and the weather to look our best and keep our hair and skin healthy.

“Healthy” is the Most Important Beauty Trend:

We all know that neglecting to take care of our skin can lead to irreversible damage such as premature aging, dull looking skin, and scarring from breakouts. There are even short-term complications like dry skin and acne. Because fall and winter often bring dry, moisture-less air, hydration is the key to keeping your hair and skin healthy.

Dermatologist-Approved Tips for Healthy Skin:

Skin care is not only important in the colder months- it should be taken seriously year round. It’s never too early to start a daily skin care regimen, and if you don’t have one, today’s the day for you to begin. Here are five important skin habits for you to incorporate into your daily routine:

1. Wear sunscreen every day: It’s a common myth that you can only get skin cancer during the summer or when the sun is out. You’re constantly exposed to the sun’s rays- even when it’s cloudy outside. A dermatologist, Dr. Jeanine Downie, says that: “You should be wearing an SPF 30 every day, not only to protect against skin cancer but to prevent fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, and uneven skin tone.” Don’t forget that applying sunscreen once a day is not enough- you should reapply every couple of hours!

2.     Exfoliate regularly: According to Dr. Fusco: “A good exfoliating agent will slough off the dull top layers, minimizing wrinkles, acne, and dry spots to reveal new, healthy, glowing skin.” You don’t have to exfoliate everyday- perhaps only 2-4 times a week.

3.     What you eat and drink influences the condition of your skin: It’s a well-known fact that staying hydrated by drinking water can only do good things for your skin. What you may not know is that adding antioxidants to your skin care and diet will “will help to combat free radical damage, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and inflammation,” says Dr. Jessica Wu. Eat brightly colored fruits, vegetables, and olive oil and use topical products that contain vitamin A (retinol), vitamin E, vitamin C, and coffeeberry on your skin.

Stay true to your skin care regimen. Find an exfoliator that is right for your skin type, a moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated, and keep sunscreen with you at all times so you don’t forget to apply and reapply it. Drink plenty of water and antioxidant-rich foods and you’re sure to make it through the colder months with healthy, damage-free skin.

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