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Should Stylists Stock Human Hair or Should Clients Bring Their Own?

As a stylist, you may install many human hair weaves every week. From braided hairstyles to straight weaves, curly hairstyles and short cuts, you may handle many types of human hair weaves for your clients. Should you stock hair for your clients' use or advise them to bring in their own hair for installation?They may feel daunted by the myriad choices of hair available. Your expertise will go a long way in helping them make the right selection. By stocking these human hair weave selections in your shop, you can educate your clients on high quality weaves and their versatility.

You have the opportunity to educate your clients

Clients can be very loyal to certain brands and unwilling to try new brands of human hair weave. They may not be aware of the availability of higher quality hair. Many are not familiar with Indian Remy hair weaves, full cuticle hair and Temple hair.

You control the quality of the hair

Let's face it, your clients are walking advertisements. You can do the best installs around, but if your clients are wearing tangled, matted and dull weaves, it reflects on you and your business. When you stock only quality hair in your shop, you give your business better credibility. Your clients will be in a better position to recommend new clients to your business.  Don't let your clients choose human hair weaves that reflect poorly on your business.

It's more cost effective than you think

Some stylists don't stock human hair because of the prohibitive cost. Fear not. Some retailers will offer stylists significant discounts on wholesale human hair. This includes bulk weaving hair, wholesale braiding hair and wholesale full lace wigs. Retailers such as Perfect Locks sell hair at a discount to stylists with no minimum order requirements. You can stock as little or as much hair as you want.  You can attract clients to your business by offering quality weaving hair that is not carried in discount hair supply stores.

You'll be more familiar with the hair

Sometimes your clients are not familiar with the correct type of hair needed for their desired hairstyle. Clients may not be aware that you won't be able to flat-iron their synthetic hair extensions. Do you send them back to the supplier for a different type of hair and risk losing them as a customer?

Suppose your client tells you they want a wet and wavy weave but purchases deep body wave hair instead? By stocking human hair in bulk in your shop, you can help the client choose the hair that works best for their desired look.

Stocking your own virgin Indian hair weaving hair for your clients is an excellent way to keep your customers educated, happy and loyal.

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