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Shop Smart, Shop Healthy: 5 Beauty Product Ingredients to Seek

Now that you’ve got an idea what bath, beauty, and hair care products you should avoid, why not look into some helpful ingredients, too? The following 5 beauty product ingredients have been shown to increase your hair, skin, and nails’ overall shine, vitality, and health, with a minimum risk of harmful side effects. While this advice is not medical advice, and you should consult your doctor to find out about any allergies, drug interactions, or other potential risks you might run, seeking out these ingredients could help you on your way to a more beautiful, and healthier, you.

1.)    Panthenol: A form of Vitamin B5 that instantly bonds with human-hair keratin, and copies its basic structure. Shampoos and conditioners containing panthenol are known to help prevent dryness, breakage, and split ends, and to mend any existing damage, as the substance is known to “fill in” gaps in the cuticle of the hair. Great for any hair type, panthenol thickens and stiffens fine hair for more body, moisturizes drier hair, and strengthens brittle locks, too.

2.)    Natural oils: Long a staple in Mediterranean and Caribbean skin products and beauty treatments, olive oil and coconut oil are two of the best to look for. These oils have relatively small molecules that help your skin absorb them quickly and easily, instead of sitting on your skin and clogging your pores. Carrot and sunflower oils are also superb in hair and skin products.

3.)    Vitamin E: Usually listed as “tocopherol” on product lists, this vitamin extract is used in a wide variety of bath, beauty, and first aid products; Vitamin E oil is often used in skin creams, for treating burns, scars, and even diaper rashes. For most people, Vitamin E also helps ease scalp itching between tracks, braids, or bonded extensions, although some individuals with sensitive skin may develop dermatitis.

4.)    Lanolin: This extract comes from the skin of sheep, and was discovered when shepherds worldwide began noticing how smooth and supple their hands were, despite the rough work of ranching and working the land. This softness came about because lanolin is a natural emollient, and not only adds more moisture to skin and hair, but also helps them hold more moisture in. Wool allergies, as well as pesticide use in grazing fields, can cause itching and hives in some people, so make sure to only buy lanolin products from brands you trust.

5.)    Silk Amino acids: The name says it all, right? Silk amino acids are proteins from silk, broken down into powder or liquid form, and added t hair and skin products. These proteins help strengthen, moisturize, and add incredible shine and elasticity, and have virtually no harmful side effects. Especially great for curlier or kinkier hair, which needs all of the above, as much as it can get!

So don’t hesitate—go out there, shop smart, and shop healthy!

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