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Setting the Record Straight: Myths About Hair Extensions

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Trying a weave or clip-in hair extensions for the first time may seem rather daunting, because of the mixed messages the general public receives regarding extensions. It’s easy to point out the few people who have had dramatic failures with extensions, but bear in mind that for every one person who has had an adverse experience, there are about twenty others who have had a great experience. The key is to make sure you’re investing in high-quality hair extension products, and if you’re having a weave, have it done by a certified professional. Here are a few of the most common myths about hair extensions.

Myth #1: Hair Extensions Will Damage My Hair

If you’re getting a weave, have your extensions professionally applied, and make sure the stylist is certified. Extensions to require the same basic hair care as your own hair, depending on the kind of extensions you have. Many women who wear extensions find that their hair is just as healthy as when they had natural hair, and they like the ability to grow out their hair without having to deal with the awkward in-between stage when it’s impossible to do anything attractive with it as it’s growing out.

Myth #2: The Extensions Will be Obvious

You’d be surprised how many popular celebrities achieve their larger-than-hair graphiclife hair through extensions, weaves, and wigs. When extensions are professionally applied, it’s easy to mask the fact that you’re wearing extensions. Clip-ins are also easy to apply with a bit of practice at hiding the clips under your natural hair. It’s true that if you use poor-quality hair, you will get a poor-quality result. It’s best to invest in a good-quality weave to keep you looking your best.

Myth #3: Hair Extensions are Painful

When your hair extensions are applied correctly and by a trained professional, they should cause you no pain. Some individuals have a more sensitive scalp and may experience irritation at first, but that should fade. For most individuals, however, getting extensions is a painless experience. If you feel a pain anywhere while the extensions are being applied, be sure to speak up. Your stylist will want to make sure that you are comfortable and satisfied with the extensions and may not be aware of which parts of your scalp are most sensitive. Speak up so your stylist can make adjustments.
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