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Season's Greetings: 3 Holiday Party Hairstyles

Can you believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are well on their way?! It's hard to believe, and yet, here we are again. This year you no doubt want to remembered at your holiday get togethers and in order to make a grand entrance this means having the cutest hairstyle there! If you're stumped for ideas and are in need of some inspiration, keep reading Lockettes for some holiday hairstyles you won't want to miss.

Hair Bow

hairbow Hair Bow Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/104216178849355332/

You may have seen this trendy hairstyle trending on the web and even though it looks complex, it's completely doable! To get this adorable look, start by gathering your tresses up high as if you were going to do a top knot. Put your elastic around your hair and now you have a high ponytail. Leave a small amount of your hair out which you will use as the middle part of the bow later. Next put half of your hair under your elastic, as if you were doing a casual tucked in hairstyle. Separate the hair into two sections like a bow would look and secure each side with bobby pins. Now use the hair that you put aside earlier and secure it in the center. You now should have a beautiful hair bow for your holiday parties!

Braided Bun

braided bun Braided Bun Source: http://www.beautylish.com/f/qiqpsz/side-crown-braid-bun

A braided bun is another chic and glamorous look that can be achieved with little to no effort. First clip in your hair extensions for the perfect amount of volume. Next do a side bride on one side of your head, and be sure to leave your bangs out if you have wispy bangs. Feel free to gather as much hair as you'd like to make a thick braid. Put a small elastic around the braid once you've reached the end or a bobby pin will also do to temporarily hold it in place.

Next gather the rest of your hair at the nape of your neck or a little bit higher if you desire. After your low ponytail is secure gather your hair and twist it into a bun and secure your bun. Your braid should still be out. Now it's time to twist the braid around the bun starting by going underneath your hair bun. Twist it around your hair bun and then secure. You now have a beautiful braided bun hairstyle for that upcoming holiday party!

Headband Chignon

Headband Chignon Headband Chignon Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/128352658102580924/

For a glamorous look that all starts with a headband, if you'd like to make this hairstyle a bit easier to style start with soft curls. You can already have instant curls before you begin this hairstyle if you take advantage of your Wavy Virgin Indian Fusion Hair. Next place a glitzy headband over the crown of your head and secure it with one to two bobby pins. You want to make sure it stays in place. Then gather small amounts of hair and pin it underneath the headband, creating a messy yet polished chignon. Keep gathering small sections of your hair underneath the headband and pinning your hair until all of it is secure. Feel free to tease your hair prior to gathering it into a chignon for a messier look. You'll now look like a Christmas belle for all your gatherings!

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