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Restoring Summer Hair for Fabulous Fall Wear

Now that fall time is beginning you'll be wanting your hair in great shape as you go through a colder yet beautiful season. During the summer you might have gone swimming where chlorine abides or laid out in the sun at the beach or lake where the sun might have done a number on your hair too. Summer is one season that can truly damage your hair, but luckily there are ways to get it back to its normal and healthy state.

Use Less Shampoo

If you've been shampooing your hair every single day, that is a big no no. Your scalp must be so dry and maybe even itchy! Shampooing your hair should be done only every other day at most. If your roots are oily dry rubbing in natural remedies such as baby powder or purchase a spray that soaks up the oil such as a rub out dry cleanser.

If you absolutely have no choice but to wash your hair with shampoo, try investing in dry shampoo. Dry shampoo won't dry out your hair but will still work hair and making your hair clean. Also, you could use a deep conditioner on the in-between days when you are not shampooing your hair to help it maintain its natural luster and beauty.

Purchase Some Extensions!

Is your hair totally fried from chlorine and sun damage? It might be time to give your locks a makeover and purchase some extensions. Virgin Indian Hair extensions are a beautiful selection and are known for their shine and silkiness. Maintain them by giving them some tender loving care through the fall and winter months and you'll have fabulous locks by the time spring and summer comes around again.

Get a Hair Cut

Yes, hair cuts are not always fun, but sometimes they are essential if you find yourself with dried out locks and split ends. A hair stylist can cut off your split ends and make sure your hair is headed towards a healthy path way to gorgeous hair success. They may also recommend a deep conditioning or purchasing extensions as well if your hair really needs some serious treatment.

Deep Conditioning

As we already mentioned, deep conditioning can restore your hair back to its normal and healthy state. You don't want to overdo it with deep conditioning however because after a while it can build up in your hair and make it oily as well and that isn't good either. So finding a good balance for your hair and taking care of it when it is needed the most will result in gorgeous hair. If you don't understand how to properly take care of your extensions head on over to our FAQ page or check out our other blog posts for advice.

We hope these tips help you now that fall time is here. We know, we don't like mentioning that Thanksgiving and Christmas do follow the Halloween month, but they do. Before you start getting really busy with family festivities, make some time for your hair. Your hair is important to your health and to your beauty, so make it important.

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