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Red Hair History Lesson - from the Supernatural to the Stunning Beauty!

The history behind red hair may completely surprise you. Today red heads are known as beautiful and sometimes sassy, but years ago they were considered to be witchy and supernatural. Alchemists formed an opinion that in order to turn copper into gold they had to have the blood of a redheaded man. Plus, to make things worse, some believed that those with red hair were definitely vampires, witches, or werewolfs. Now - if you are a fan of The Vampire Diaries this may sound exciting, but it wasn't exciting to the red headed women back in the day.

Years later during the Elizabethan time period, a very young Queen Elizabeth had red hair which become quite the commodity among her royal subjects. She became a fashion influence and her look became so well known that everyone tried to implement her fashionable curls and fiery red hair.

Flash forward to the Victorian Era where red hair become a hot commodity yet again. Artists loved painting pictures of young women with red hair and this vibrant hair color became a symbol of sexuality. Many artists from the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood celebrated the broad sensuality and appeal of these red headed beauties in their artwork as well.

During the 1940s Rita Hayworth finally broke the redhead hair mold and showed the world that redheads were not "witchy," but in fact gorgeous and stunning. However, she was cast as a spitfire and femme fatale in all of her films even though her lifestyle was quite the opposite. Off screen she was a conservative beauty who simply enjoyed life for what it was.

And then there was Lucille Ball. How could you forget I Love Lucy? If you know all about Lucy then you might already know that Lucy was a natural blonde who died her hair red so that it would show up better on the television screen. Of course her spunky personalty, lively style and hairstyle would become an iconic look for many years to come.

In the 1960s and 70s something truly changed. Red haired beauties became sought after, especially when red haired characters on television and in the movie industry appeared, such as Spider Man's girlfriend and the Little Red Haired girl from Charlie Brown. At this point a red haired maiden was truly something that everyone wanted to become and after The Little Mermaid came out, every little girl wanted red hair just like Ariel too.

Today red haired actresses and everyday women love having red hair. It's a sought after trend and beautiful statement for any woman. There are many actresses that who maintain their red hair and love their fiery red locks. However, you never know when the red hair sentiment will turn into fury once more.

Did you know that in the UK that the anti-"ginger" sentiment has been building  for decades? Unfortunately bullying and threats against redheads are still a growing problem. Will it ever end or will red heads remain beautiful and stunning? Only time will tell...

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