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Quick Hairstyles for Date Night

I know every woman has been told (or shouted) to “HURRY UP!” while preparing to go out, especially for date night.  Men just don’t understand what we have to go through grooming ourselves.  Makeup, eyebrows, shaving, selecting the right outfit and accessories and of course hair!  


Fret not ladies, if you find yourself staring at your reflection thinking wondering what on earth you are going to do with your hair for the evening, here are a few quick but totally date night appropriate hairstyles you can do:

French braids: Simply return to your childhood and fashion your hair into a jumbo French braid.  If your hair is short, tuck the end up for an updo.  If your hair is longer, create a side French braid and sling the end over your shoulder.  You will be out the door in minutes.

Steam or Hot Rollers:  Before showering add a few steam or hot rollers to your hair, cover with your shower cap and get dressed.  By the time you finish your makeup the hair will have set.  Remove the rollers, mist with a bit of holding spray and finger the curls into place.  Easy as pie!

Top Knot:  Possibly the easiest do that celebrities have worn even on the red carpet, all you need todate-night-hairstyle nail this look in minutes is a brush, smoothing pomade or gel, elastic band and one bobby pin.  Apply the smoothing pomade to the perimeter of your hair and brush towards the very top of your head.  Gather your hair tightly and make a ponytail.  Twist the ends of your hair around the ponytail and tuck under as you go.  Secure with a single bobby pin and you are ready to go.

With these three hairstyles, your boo will be shocked to see you coiffed and on time for your date!  If you don't have locks long enough to perfect these looks, clip in hair extensions are perfect to add length in a hurry!   Enjoy your night on the town and smile sweetly as he compliments your hair.

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