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Pssst...We have a Secret! Celeb's Beauty Secrets Revealed

If you're stumped as to why celebs always have flawless skin and the perfect hair, you're not alone! We have to admit that a lot of them have stylists which makes things easier, but in addition to having a stylist they also learn and apply a few beauty tips on their own. In fact, they probably learn quite a few tips because they can't always have a stylist with them wherever they go, can they? Whatever the case may be, most celebs have it together in the beauty department and if they don't, then we'll most likely read about it in the tabloids. Such is the life of a Hollywood star! We did a little bit of research and pulled some awesome beauty tips from some of our favorite celebs and we're excited to share them with you...

Celeb's Beauty Secrets Revealed:

If you read below you'll discover that celebs certainly aren't perfect, have issues with their hair, and get worried about their beauty routine and tresses just like we do! Their beauty secrets are raw and honest and after reading their beauty secrets you'll feel relieved that they're just normal people too. ;)

Carrie Underwood, via Marie ClaireCarrie

Is the constant touring tough on your beauty routine?

The way I travel, I'm in random water systems all over the place—hard water, soft water, whatever. And heaven forbid you have to shower on the bus, because that's like garden-hose water. By the time I get off tour, I'll go get a hair treatment and the person will be like, "Where have you been? Your ends are green and up here you have some orange going on." You just pray it will all hold up during a tour and then you can go get it fixed afterward.

Christina Hendricks, via Marie Claire

Your character, Joan Holloway, has such a distinctive look, with her hourglass figure and glamorous makeup. How does your real style compare?

I've started to wear more form-fitting dresses to show off my waist. And everyone thinks Joan wears red lipstick on every episode, but she's usually wearing coral. I love ruby lips in real life.

JanuaryJanuary Jones, via Hello Magazine

Having your hair styled, preened and coloured on a regular basis may seem a perk of living the highlife. But, with dry, brittle and damaged locks the star, a natural blonde, admitted that the situation had created so many bald patches that she planned to shave her head.

"I've been blonde, red with extensions for this film, then blonde, then black, and now blonde again. I'm going to have to shave it off and wear a wig", she told reporters.

But, despite the hair loss, January has admitted that she's just one of many women who loves to dye her hair: "I like it all colours, it makes you feel different according to what colour it is, but I prefer to be blonde.

Zooey Deschanel via Refinery 29zooey

Everyone's favorite New Girl lives up to her quirky reputation with sweet, retro-inspired beauty looks that we just can't get enough of. Even more refreshing: the fact that she does the majority of her primping all by herself.

"In real life, I don't have a hairdresser doing my hair so I am usually working with my natural waves," she says. "I like to play around with different hairstyles that wouldn't necessarily work for my characters. When I’m playing shows with my band I like to do a roller set in my hair because it looks nice even when I’m jumping around on stage. Also, I like creating a lot of volume in my hair at the crown and spraying it [with hairspray] – subtly. It gives your hair a lot of lift and body and flatters most faces."

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