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Pre-Installation Hair Weave Tips - Keep Your Tresses in Tip Top Shape!

Getting a new hair weave is definitely exciting, but did you know that there are steps that you should take prior to getting your weave installed? These tips will keep your actual hair in wonderful condition and keep your scalp feeling its best too. So here are some tips that you should read over and take into consideration next time you have another weave installed! ;)

Trim Your Real Hair Ends - Prior to getting your weave put in, you'll want to trim your hair ends. The reason why is because you want to start with healthy hair as opposed to thin ends, which are only going to get worse when you have your weave in. If you are going to "hide" your real hair for a while, keep it healthy prior to hiding it. That way when you take your weave out at some point, your hair will be in a healthy state.

Don't Install a Weave Right After Chemically Treatment to Your Locks - Have you recently colored your real hair? It's better to wait a few weeks before putting in your weave. The reasoning behind this is because chemicals do take their toll on your tresses and giving them a few weeks to adjust is better instead of putting in your weave right after coloring your real tresses. Wait up to two weeks before you install your weave so that your hair can regain its strength. It's also a good idea to wait because you'll want to observe how the color takes to your natural hair. Installing a weave is exciting, but you want to make sure your hair is in its best condition possible before putting in a fabulous weave.

Implement a Protein Treatment Prior to Weave Installation: When your hair weave is in, your natural tresses need to be protected, whether you "hide" them or keep them as part of your hair. Since your hair is already made of protein, providing it with more protein will keep your hair in even better condition. When you do install your weave this will include sewing, braiding, and styling, so treating your hair with a protein treatment prior to this process comes highly recommended. Fortify your hair and keep it strong!

We hope these tips are helpful for you to not only keep your hair weave in excellent condition (not to mention make it look amazing!), but your natural tresses too! Done correctly your hair all around will look amazing. We can't wait to see how your hair extension weave turns out!

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