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Plan Ahead for Fabulous Fall Time Fashion (Yes, it's That Time Already!)

Can you believe that fall time fashion is here?! Sure, it might still be summer time, but that doesn't mean you won't be seeing fall time apparel in the stores - starting now! Since fall time fashion is definitely here, what should you expect to see in the stores and online? There are plenty of elements that will be carryied over from the summer time, so this is good news because you can revamp many of the same outfits that you've been wearing during the summer and wear them during the fall and winter too! Use your summer apparel and transform your clothing into trendy fall time outfits by layering and adding simple elements.

Here are some of the hot trends that you should take advantage of and start planning ahead for when the fall time actually arrives!

Aztec Prints -  

Aztect prints are hot for the fall time and it's going to be fun to find mini skirts, tops, and more that have boho patterns and sequin embellishments. Pair a fashionable sequin skirt with a tube top, tank top, or even a stylish sweater for a fall time statement. It will be fun to create a fantastic silhouette for the fall time while embracing the Aztec prints that will look flashy yet fabulous.

Jean Jackets -

We've covered this trend before, and the good news is that if you've invested in a jean jacket during the summer they are sticking around for the fall time too! Jean jackets are super versatile because they go with jean pants, skirts, and even maxi skirts! In fact, a fun fall time ensemble would include a jean jacket, tee-shirt, and a maxi skirt. Add a few lovely accessories (such as a simple necklace and glitzy ring), and you'll have a stunning fall time silhouette!

Fall Time Stripes -

Just like the summer time, stripes are another fun fashion element that are being carried over into the fall time. Stripes are very versatile because you can find a stripe tank top from your summer wardrobe that will also work well with a pair of jeans. Since it's the fall time you might find yourself getting cold in the evenings, so wear a long sleeve top underneath the tank or layer on top the tank with stripes with a jean jacket or sweater! Also keep on the look out for stripes on sweaters and cardigans. It will be fun to wear a stripe sweater with a messenger bag (like in the picture to the left), to create a warm outfit.

So don't put away your summer time stripes and jean jackets  just yet! Many of these trendy pieces of clothing you'll also be seeing during the  fall time and beyond! Other trendy pieces of clothing will include maxi skirts, layering sweat vests, boots, flats, and more! Get excited because fall time fashion is going to be fabulous! Especially paired with your Perfect Locks! ;)

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