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Pin-spiration: Perfect Locks on Pinterest & Some of Our Favorite Pins

night lifeIt's Thursday already?! We're so glad!  That means the weekend is almost here, and speaking of the weekend...Whenever we have some free time to spare or we'd like to see what's trending in the fashion, hair, and beauty world, we always hop on Pinterest. Do you? We don't know if you are aware or not, but Perfect Locks is on Pinterest and we love to pin! ;) If you're on Pinterest too and would like to follow us, please do! We'll definitely follow you back.

Face and Makeup Glamour

One of our boards on Pinterest is named Face & Makeup Glamour. It's fun having a beautiful makeup look to go with your tresses! From ombre lips to the perfect smokey eye, Pinterest allows us to see how it's done! We know we may not be able to pull off that perfect eye makeup or look as fabulous as Rihanna can, but it's nice knowing we can pin the day away while gaining some inspiration with every makeup pin we pin. What is your favorite pin on our Face & Makeup Glamour board?

Outfits and Accessories

Then there's our Outfits & Accessories board, because every girl must havespring time some fun with some accessories in order to find her outfit perfect, right? We think so. Full dresses with lots of tulle are top on our list and also we're loving knee high socks to go under tall boots. It's a great way to stay warm and on-trend!

There's also big sweaters that slouch and also tie dye shorts that are about to be worn a lot during the spring and summer (at least we think so). There are so many accessories and fabulous outfits that we could go on and on...what catches your eye on Pinterest when it comes to fashion and fun trends?

Wedding Hair Inspiration

Let's not forget about wedding hair inspiration...which reminds us, we need to do a blog post on which wedding hairstyles are perfect for spring! ;) Wedding hair images always look marvelous and of course these glam hairstyles also provide us inspiration on hairstyles in general. There are so many updos and hairdos that are long and flowing as well; it really depends on your preference as a bride and what makes you feel beautiful. Plus - you don't have to only wear your gorgeous hair on your wedding day. You most certainly don't have to get married to have fabulous hair!

Customers of Perfect Locks

PL hairThere's also a Customers of Perfect Locks board! If you have purchased hair extensions from us recently or in the past send us your pic! You could be featured on our Pinterest board. You most definitely will look lovely while wearing your Perfect Locks extensions and we appreciate it when you send us your pictures so we can stay up to date on how you are making your tresses look their absolute best.

We hope to see you on Pinterest soon. It's only slightly addicting so we understand if you can't pull yourself away from the computer screen because we can't either. There are so many hairstyles to see, fashionistas that inspire us, and DIY beauty treatments that will definitely take us very far.

Find us on Pinterest here. Happy pinning! ;)

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  • Heather Scoggins
    Heather Scoggins March 4, 2013 at 10:07 am

    I'm addicted to Pinterest, they need an AAA for the all pinning addicts out there! Thanks for the makeup board it looks cool. I'm pinning this site now :)

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