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Perfect Locks Hair vs. Store Bought Hair

If you've never worn Virgin Indian Remy hair extensions, you may be wondering how they differ from store bought weaving hair extensions. There are some significant differences between Perfect Locks' hair extensions and the hair you find in beauty supply stores and other discounters. Here are some ways to distinguish them.

Hair Quality

Because of its relative scarcity, pure virgin Indian Remy hair is usually not sold in beauty supply stores. Indian Remy hair is comprised of the full cuticle and comes from one donor. Full cuticle hair strands all lie in the same direction, making them less susceptible to tangling and matting. In full cuticle hair, the light is reflected off of each strand, giving it a high shine and luster. Virgin hair is untreated by chemicals and is the natural color of the donor.

Beauty supply stores rarely carry full cuticle hair due to its higher cost and less widespread use. Beauty supply hair is usually drawn from multiple donors and do not have the cuticle intact. In addition, some manufacturers add synthetic fibers to the hair which don't stand up well to daily wear.  This causes it to become tangled or matted after a short period of use. Some beauty supply stores carry hair that is packaged as "Indian Remy." Often this hair is not real Indian Remy hair, rather extensions from China and other countries.


You have probably noticed that Perfect Locks hair is priced higher than the human hair extensions typically found in beauty supply stores. Perfect Locks' hair is hand processed and preserved in its natural state. Because of this special treatment and commitment to quality, the hair lasts longer than beauty supply hair.

Virgin Indian Remy extensions typically last for up to a year, although some wearers report wearing their hair for up to two years. Although the initial cost of Perfect Locks' extensions are higher than in discount stores, they require less frequent replacement, making them more cost effective.



Perfect Locks Indian Remy hair extensions are unprocessed, making them as close to your natural hair as possible. They can be washed, flat ironed, curled and blow dried just as you would your natural locks. Beauty supply store hair often has synthetic fibers blended in with the human hair strands. This causes the hair to become matted and tangled after only a few uses and decreases its overall life.

If you're looking for quality, long lasting and beautiful human hair extensions, Perfect Locks has the finest quality hair for your styling needs.

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