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Part III: How Do You Color Wefted Hair Before Installation?

We've finally made to part three in our series! We bet you are excited to color your hair extensions and incorporate some gorgeous highlights into your new look.

Final Instructions: Making Your Hair Shiny

After you're done installing your wefts, apply a demi-permanent color glaze to your locks. This will enhance the color of your weft and your natural hair as well.

Also consider a clean shine that will add moisture, shine, and keep your hair healthy and strong. Put it all over your hair after installing the weft. Your hair will become a little bit damp now, but this allows you to style your hair at the end of the process. While you are shining your hair, you can also  a clear shine to add protein, moisture, and shine to all of the hair. This should be done after the installation process. This will also provide you with clean damp hair that you can style.

Next the equal equal parts of the PM Shines with processing liquid in an applicator bottle.

Starting at the nape of your neck, apply the mixture to both your weft and your natural hair. Do this on horizontal sections of your hair. It's important to avoid the bonded section of your weft  or keratin-bonded tips. What will happen is the processing liquid or developer will break down the keratin glue. This is what it did when it lifted the protein of the hair to allow the color to set. Saturate the areas of your hair with the shine mixture for promising results.

After you've taken the time to thoroughly apply the shine, all it to process for 20 minutes.

Do not hair dry your hair unless you are working with linkies or braided tracks. You don't want your products to become unstable.

For our last step, thoroughly rinse out your hair. Shampoo and condition your hair for clean and lovely locks.  and follow with desired care products to shampoo and condition.

Now you should have amazing wefts that can be styled. Enjoy your gorgeous locks and head out and have some fun with your new highlights or low locks that look stunning!

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