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    Hello Hollywood! Look to Hollywood Stars for the Latest Hair Color Inspiration

    If there is any indication of when a hair trend is about to start, it's usually when you see a new beautiful hair color on a gorgeous celeb. Look at Michelle Williams, for example. Her frosty platinum blonde is both subtle and gorgeous...making it the perfect go-to hairstyle for fashionistas world wide. If you're currently struggling with what color to dye your hair extensions or your own hair, look to the latest Hollywood hairstyles. Not only will their latest hair colors give you inspiration, but ...


    BET Awards - Best Tresses and Dresses

    Even though the BET Awards have come and gone -- they were on June 30th --doesn't mean we can't look back at the amazing styles that we saw on the Red Carpet. If you're not familiar with the BET Awards, the awards ceremony recognizes Americans in music, movies, sports and other fields of entertainment over the past year. However, we're not going to go over who won what in this post, because we're after the hairstyles and fashion! ;) From Nicki's amazing black dress to all of the fabulous hairstyles ...


    Why You Should Check Out a Blow Dry Bar

    Thinking about checking out a blow dry bar? If you've never heard of a blow dry bar, it's a salon where you only get a blow out (not a hair cut or color) on-the-go. If you have reservations you shouldn't, because it's a quick and easy way for your locks to look their best, whenever you want them too! Plus, not only do your "blowers" (yes, that is what you call them) know what they're doing on your tresses, but you can also choose from a variety of styles. Curious now? Check out the original dry bar, ...


    Be Sun Smart with Your Hair & Keep it Healthy this Summer

    We hope you are having a great summer! Whether it's heading to the pool on the weekends or enjoying the ocean if you live near it, the summer is a fun time to enjoy the sunshine. But -- even though it's a blast to be outdoors and greet all that summer time brings doesn't mean you can't forget to protect your tresses. Hair extensions get dried out and so does your real hair. So be sun smart and plan ahead so that your hair will look its best all summer long. Invest in a Sunscreen Hair Spray We know ...

  • Get Beach Waves Using Your Flat Iron!

    Beach waves are a favorite go-to style for most ladies, especially during the summer months.  It is such an easy, effortless style that can be dressed up for glamour or dressed down for a more casual look.  Some get their beach wave hairstyle using a curling wand, but everyone may not own a curling wand or if travelling, may not have had room to pack an additional hair tool.  But most women have at the very least a flat iron, right? Well, celebrity hairstylist Angela Christine of WEtv's hit show ...

  • Tips For Washing Hair With Extensions Or Weaves

    First of all, it’s important to note that not all weaves are meant to be washed. For example, synthetic weaves cannot be washed at all; authentic human hair weaves can typically only be washed once or twice, and virgin hair (AKA Indian, Peruvian or Brazilian) can be washed almost indefinitely-- if you know how to do it right. Weaves take more care than your natural hair because they lack the ability to naturally repair damage—and if you want to know how to care for your weave, read on! Washing Regardless ...


    Beauty Steals: Argan Oil Hair Products

    Argan oil (Argania spinosa) is produced from the kernels of the argan tree, a plant indigenous to Morocco, which is how it has commonly become known as Moroccan oil.  Pure argan oil keeps for 12 - 18 months and is a light oil, both in color and feel.  It has become a wildly popular cosmetic and hair product being hailed for its moisturizing and smoothing properties.  The benefits of argan oil for hair are numerous:  adds shine, fortifies strands, smooths cuticles, can be used as a hot oil treatment ...


    Hot Summer Hairstyle Trends

    So, pretty so easy . . . Summer Hair Trends I'll be the first to tell you that these styles are filled with pure inspiration for a new summer look. Here's one that's totally FAB! The delicate hair color is extraordinary and the cut is elegant simplicity. You tell me . . . is she adorable, or what?   Is This Summer Style The New You? This look is one of many summer hairstyle trends that's perfect for someone with a heart shaped face. It's a fashion-forward look that's relatively low maintenance. ...


    How to Blend Your Weave Perfectly!

    While we do offer a number of options for our customers to wear sew in weaves with little to no hair out such as closures and frontals, some ladies prefer to leave a section of hair out for added versatility and a more realistic look.  With this option, unless your hair’s texture matches the extensions perfectly, some amount of blending will be required for a flawless installation.  Most ladies do not want weaves that are high maintenance so here are a few easy tips to help you blend your weave. Tame ...


    Nicki Minaj's Real Hair Revealed

    It seems like celebs tweeting photos of their long, healthy locks is a raging trend in Hollywood these days.  We can’t blame them for being proud of growing their hair while proving that weaves and wigs are excellent protective styles.  One of the newest to jump on the trend is rap superstar Nicki Minaj who tweeted the photo on the right with the caption “#Longhairdontcare #hangtime #ImaWearitOutWhenItTouchesMy@ss” With and Without Her Wig   Personally we would think she would want ...

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