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Our 2012 Awe Inspiring Hair Styling Trend Prediction

With 2012 already underway isn't it fun to predict what hair styles are going to become hot or continue to be trendy this year? We think so, so we thought we would put together a post showing you what the loveliest hair styles of 2012 are going to be! Of course trends are constantly changing, but we so happened to notice that curls are big (literally!) right now. Knowing that curls are big right now not only help make hair styling easier (especially if you have natural curls,) but it also makes creating the perfect do a lot more fun!

1. Retro Curls - We spy perfectly symmetrical retro curls with a touch of purposeful messiness for a modern and trendy effect. We think it's awfully sweet and sultry to sport a hair style like this and think you should try it in 2012!

A Body Wave Indian Remy Hair Weave is a great example of retro curls. Retro curls are flat on the top of your head of hair with slight body. Where they really achieve their volume is on the bottom of your locks, where you'll see lose tendrils and lovely waves.

With shows like Mad Men and other period TV shoes and films such as The Help, we think retro curls will continue to be an on going trend throughout 2012 and beyond!

2. Unexpected Updos -

It's always enjoyable when slight curls turn into a work of art on top of your head. Accidental and unexpected updos are becoming more expected, especially with Lady Gaga on the run.

Gorgeous loose curls are now skillfully arranged into a complete sophisticated and rather unexpected updo. This look proves to be an outstanding combo for anyone who wants to impress their date or friends and family at a entertaining get together.

3. Wet Texture Hair Style -

We're not very sure about this look simply because it makes your hair look just a tad greasy, but if it isn't overdone we suppose it can be pulled off. However, this hair style is being seen at several fashion shows and is predicted to be a trendy hair look for the spring and summer of 2012!

A wet texture can be achieved by applying the right amount of hair product, without making your hair look oily. If you have Straight Virgin Indian Hair this look can be pulled off simply because straight hair already gives the appearance of a wet texture. If you don't have this type of hair extensions, why not try it out? You may really like it and your hair will certainly be trendy and lovely throughout the year! Remember to have fun with this trendy wet textured look but don't overdo it!

Other trendy hair styles beyond the horizon?

You may also come across chic buns, sleek ponytails, and twists that turn into classic updos. We can't wait to see what kind of hairstyles become instant hits and classic styles during 2012 and have a feeling that many of our customers are going to be instant trend setters with their Perfect Locks! :)

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