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Natural Ways to Condition Your Hair and Purify Your Skin

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For those of us who may be tight on money during our difficult economy, did you know that you can find simple beauty tricks and tips in your very own kitchen? These tips can transform your skin and hair. Let's find out what and where all of these natural beauty products can be found! This is a follow up to our Yum! 17+ Natural Beauty Remedies Already in Your Kitchen and we'll be providing you with more details on a few specific natural beauty tips. So please be sure to catch up on our past post to be filled in on even more beauty secrets.

Lemon and pineapple juice, which can be found in your refrigerator, can be used to get rid of large pours and blemishes. Gently put either on a wash cloth with some water and let it sit on your face for a few moments. After you are done applying either the lemon or pineapple juice, gently use a warm wash cloth to wash off your face.


Lemon can also be used to simply clean your face and is a health benefit for your food as well. Putting lemon in your water is also a natural fat flusher - who knew that lemon could be used for a variety of beauty tricks! Not to mention, additionally lemon can be used to create hair spray (another alternative to oranges.)

There are many kitchen items that can be used to beautify your hair and condition it. Here are a few items to think about and find in your kitchen.


You can make a banana hair mask, which will add moisture to your hair without causing dryness. Fenugreek seeds can be used to condition your hair as well as left over beer and chamomile, which can be poured on to your hair for fantastic results. Don't forget about avocados! Avocados, either found in your fridge or counter if they are ripe, are another great alternative to conditioner and can be used as an occasional treat for your hair.

Don't forget about additional home remedies such as Vitamin E to not only condition your hair, but to strengthen it as well. Rub vitamin E oil into the roots of your hair and scalp, which will strengthen your hair and help with hair loss. Keep it in your hair for a long period of time. Remember healthy hair starts at the roots!

We hope these detailed tips on how to condition your hair and purify your skin encourage you to use kitchen items that you already own. There are several natural beauty remedies that can be used to help cleanse, condition, and purify.

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