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Take 4: Four Modern Ideas for Classic Queenly Coifs

So this week’s Timeline Tuesday explored several classic, often-imitated hairstyles. How can these looks get a 2010s edge? Well, just in time for Halloween, as well as fall formals and weddings, here are a few ideas for updating some ancient looks:

The new ‘Fro is nowhere near as structured and picked-to-death as of old. Let your natural ringlets actually have a chance to form and you might be surprised at what they do. Modern natural black hairstyles sport shattered shapes and a variety of textures, partings, and accessories for fierceness to rival or match any West African warrior queen’s. Try out a wash-n-go or lightly pick tresses for larger hair and more curl than the typical profile, or buy a curly Afro wig. Either way, your wild and free look may be just the right thing for a sexy night out on the town or a ‘70s flashback party.

Take traditional Chinese hair styles just a bit lower with a banded ponytail or series of coils. The trick here is having lots of length, so you can wait for hair to grow or fast-forward a bit and install extensions that let you endlessly loop and stack hair into sky-high style. For the taller look, gather hair into a loose ponytail at the top center of the head and secure with an elastic band. Now place another band about three to four inches higher, creating a small bun between the two bands. Continue this pattern until the entire length of the hair has been stacked high, tucking the ends under. Adorn with side clips or dangly hair jewelry for a pretty princess pose, and sport your style at formal gathering like art shows or theme parties.

For a more toned-down take, simply gather hair into a somewhat tighter ponytail and begin twisting until the entire length of the hair has coiled around. The technique is pretty much the same as making one large Bantu knot atop the head. For semi-formal occasions or an office job, try creating a modified French roll by starting with a low ponytail twisted up the back of the head and then coiled into a topknot.

Give Cleopatra a punk-rock edge with a bold new color. You can try a temporary Kool-Aid hair dye on your own strands, or purchase a brightly-colored wig to get the classic Cleopatra hair style in pink, green, white, lemon yellow, pumpkin orange, blue, purple, or even fire-engine red. Alternatively, you can take the cut a bit higher in the back for locks that naturally swoop and move forward. Both are great looks for a rock concert or Halloween shindig!

Sexy-messy Greek goddess hairstyles make for excellent low-key wedding hair styles. Want to strike a relaxed yet gorgeous bridal pose? Fashion wavy lengths – yours by nature or by extensions - into a side swept fishtail, adorned with a few small flowers. Unforgettable, classy, and chic, you’ll be able to rest assured all eyes are on you (hopefully you’re the bride!).

Of course, these are just a few ways to update these classic looks. What ideas do you have? Let us know and keep sending in your testimonial videos and pictures rocking your Perfect Locks!

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