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Makeup and Beauty Cases: 3 Styles to Consider and Discover

Makeup and beauty bags are just like personalities. Some are bold, some are sweet and simple, and some are full of personality with a floral pattern and like to light up the room. Or perhaps your style is bright and happy and comes in hot pink or ocean blue.

Whatever your makeup and beauty case preference is, it really depends on how you like to organize your makeup and small hair accessories. It also depends on what style you prefer and how much space you need! There are several options to choose from when it comes to picking out the ideal cosmetic bag but for now we are going to give you three ideals to select from.

Read on to figure out what your favorite bag is or maybe you will find a new bag that you hadn't thought of purchasing before!

Caboodles Rock Star Cosmetic Case - If you'd like a cosmetics case that's large and has a lot of room, this is about as big of a case that you can invest in, unless you dedicate your entire dresser area in your bathroom or bedroom to your makeup. It comes in a darling pattern of a black lace design on silver and Caboodles offers many other designs too, so go and explore and see what we mean!

This large square case has 1 large interior space and 4 fold-out trays. It also includes two locking clasps and 2 keys. Lock up your expensive cosmetics and hair supplies so that your little sister or little girl for that matter won't accidentally break something! Store all of your makeup in different sections and organize it how you see fit. This case definitely has all of the space that you will need. If you still have more makeup then this, then buy two. ;)

Candy Store Silicone Wallet - If you'd prefer something small and bright, then a silicone wallet might be more your style. This is a great cosmetics case for traveling - store your favorite foundation and a few favorite shades of lipstick in this case. It's durable and easy to clean considering it's made out of silicone.

You also could store some hair accessories in this case and pack it away in your suitcase for an accessible storage wallet. This wallet is perfect to use when it's time to hit the road. Except now you can hit the road in style with a hot pink wallet.

Jungle Cosmetic Case - Perhaps a smaller makeup and beauty case is all that you need. You can place it on your counter top in your bathroom for easy accessibility. Store just what you need inside of this bag and keep the rest of your beauty products underneath your sink. That way you can use up what you have and occasionally switch out your products depending on your mood.

This way you'll also be able to figure out which items are your favorite, and you can encourage yourself to only buy what you need and what items you love the most. A bag like this is also very easy to clean. It comes with a plastic like coating that is easy to clean up. If you accidentally spill some blush simple take a wash cloth and some soap and clean it right up. This sort of bag also works well for travel.

So which beauty case style is your favorite? Do you prefer your case to be large or small? Patterned or plain? Please tell us in the comments below or tweet with us and let us know!

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