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Hand-tied Wefts vs. Machine Wefts

Machine Wefts or Hand-tied Wefts – this is a much debated topic in several salons today. The thing is, some people who get hair extensions don't usually know what's best – machine wefts or hand-tied wefts. The safest, and probably the most accurate, answer would be "It depends." I know that saying that is horribly dissatisfying for any reader, but it's true. The choice between machine wefts and hand-tied wefts actually depends on your objective or your purpose.

Hand-tied Wefts

Hand-tied wefts are tufts of hair sewn or tied together meticulously by hand using a strong piece of weaving thread. If they're done properly, hand-tied wefts can actually last a very long time. However, since they're harder to make and they take longer time to complete, they usually cost a lot more. Another thing that's good with hand-tied wefts is that they're not very bulky or noticeable when you put them on. They're built to be thin so they'll blend in nicely with the hair that you already have. They stick closely to your scalp, making them look quite natural. However, special care should be taken for hand-tied wefts especially if you're going to cut the track. Instead of cutting the track, just turn the track around to the next row and keep sewing. When you reach the end you can cut the track, just be sure it's sealed with a good fabric or nail glue. Hand-tied wefts will unravel and shed when cut from the top, make sure your stylist probably knows this so it won't be much of a problem. Hand-tied wefts are also quite effective since they don't shed much when they're put on, unlike machine wefts.

Our Indian Hair Hand-tied Wefts at Perfect Locks are pre-cut into 5 strips, making it easy for your stylist to work with them.  They don't have to cut them, no shedding allowed here!

Machine Wefts

Machine wefts are sewn together using a sewing machine. The quality of the hair and the track are equally the same with both hand-tied and machine wefts. Machine wefts are slightly thicker compared to hand-tied wefts, but a bulge is rarely noticeable. A lot of people prefer machine wefts because the tracks can be cut during installation, making it a bit more flexible. A good stylist can manage to make machine wefts look very natural regardless of how thick the track is. Machine wefts are easy to manipulate, and you don't have to be careful when cutting them. You can even cut them from the top. This makes them a good choice giving you less margin for error during a hair installation.

Our Indian hair machine wefts at Perfect Locks are very popular, just as our hand-tied wefts. We sell an equal amount of both types.

All in all, your choice should depend on what's convenient for you and also your stylist. Weigh your options properly before you make a choice.  We have a demonstration of an installation using a hand-tied weft in this hand-tied weft installation video.

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