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Look Slim with Sleek and Stylish Hair Styles

If it’s your goal to get slim by the time summer rolls around, good for you! Heading to the gym, cutting back on the carbs, and eating healthy foods are all great ways to shed the pounds and find a happy weight that you’re satisfied with. But did you also know that in the mean time you can get a hairstyle that will make you look thinner too? Thin isn’t all about your body, it’s also about finding the right hairstyle that will make you look slim too. Here are a few hairstyles that you may want to consider while you’re on the quest to slimming down.

long hair 2 212x300 Look Slim with Sleek and Stylish Hair StylesLength is the Key to Looking Thin

Yes, believe it or not, a longer hair length is the key to looking thin. When asking for an opinion on how to appear thinner, hair stylists and fashion designers will most likely tell you to grow out your hair or get hair extensions. Yes, this may seem like a logical answer, but it also happens to be true.

Having a great standard care for your hair and achieving a thin like style means having a length that is approximately one and half times its width. This also means that your jawline will also appear slightly more narrow than your forehead, resulting in a chic style that makes you look thin and stylish simultaneously.

Smooth Cuts Also Give the Illusion of Thin

Smooth hair cuts that stay closer to your face also make you look thin. This means that as well as having smooth hair, it’s also important to have hair that should fall somewhere between the bottom part of your ear and land at the top part of the shoulder. Having a side part as a part of your hair style will also help take away any attention from a rounder face with circular symmetry.

Lilian Grace 220x300 Look Slim with Sleek and Stylish Hair StylesContrasting Hair Color

Having a few different hair highlights that vary in color result in shading, which is also slimming. Having your hair stylist give you a few different colors with minimal bangs is recommended. Of course having some bags is alright, but having bangs with a hard line will only draw more  attention to a rounder looking face. Instead, opt for different colors and longer bangs which will add depth and dimension.

Applying these tips will help you look thin in no time. Of course working out is important, but taking care of your appearance and finding a hair style that’s thinning and attractive is also just as important. So get some stunning hair extensions from Perfect Locks and find contrasting colors with a smooth style and you’ll look thin during and ahead of the program.