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Long Hairstyles for Your Hair Extensions

long hairstyles for your hair extensionsHair extensions open up an exciting world of style for those who formerly had short hair. Hair extensions, especially human hair extensions, can offer you the perfect opportunity to create the style you want, when you want it. This article will offer long hairstyle ideas for your hair extensions, so you can look fashionable, stylish, and fun.

1. Gorgeous Pulled Back Half Up/Half Down Style

Movie stars like Scarlett Johansson, Fergie, and Beyonce have truly made this hairstyle a classic look. Try attaching your hair extensions wherever you would like, and then simply pinning the top half back with a cute clip. For formal occasions, a bejeweled clip with sparkling rhinestones can look gorgeous in the back of your hairstyle. Be sure to smooth out the pieces you have allowed to fall in the front, and you will have a gorgeous, chic hairstyle. Pull a few bangs out in the front, and you are good to go!

2. The "Jennifer Aniston" Friends Haircut

Remember the show Friends? Jennifer Aniston's layered haircut created a revolution in the world of hairstyling. Try attaching a few layers and curling the tips of your extensions to create a fun, layered look.

3. Side Braid

A side braid can look absolutely stunning with long hair extensions. Simply create a french braid that is placed across your forehead, and leave the rest of your hair down. If you want, there are other hairstyles that can be created using a side braid. Try pulling hair back into a french twist or relaxed ponytail for beautiful styles.

4. Add an Ornate Headband

Wearing a designer or ornate headband can make your newfound hair extensions look expensive, classy, and add a touch of flirtatious cuteness. This look is perfect for date nights with a boyfriend, anniversaries, or romantic holidays like Valentines Day. Simply smooth bangs over to the side in the front, and then back comb the rest of your hair. Add an ornate headband in place, and voila! You have perfected the headband look. Try wearing a cute headband with small jewels or ornate flowers attached to create a more trendy and fashionable look.

5. Parted to the Side

Try creating a drastic part in your hair and combing it all to the side for a subtle and glamorous look.

With these five hairstyles, you can instantly create the look of your dreams with hair extensions. All it takes is a little creativity, and you can be on your way to gorgeous hair!

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