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Long and Strong: When Halle Berry Had a Different Look

Halle Berry may be best known for her iconic short haircuts, and that’s a great thing -- she looks stunning in them. Her strong yet beautiful and feminine facial features look almost fairy-like with the short style. However, if we look just a few years back, we can return to a time when Ms. Berry sported some gorgeous long styles as well. No matter what the length or thickness of your hair is, these styles can be achieved with a boost from some extensions.


Halle Berry Curly Hair

Tight, natural curls are the feature of this style. The key is to allow your hair to have a ton of body without going frizzy. If your hair is naturally curly, dry your hair with a diffuser after applying a smoothing product. For extra body, clip in curly extensions layer by layer, hiding clips underneath your natural hair. You want to make sure the curls in your extensions are relatively the same size as the curls in your natural hair. If your hair is not naturally curly, consider getting a perm from a trusted stylist or curling all over with a curling iron or hot rollers for a one-time look.


Halle Berry hair waves

These shoulder-length waves hold maximum body, and the lighter honey hair color gives dimension. This style with the cute front fringe would also be lovely on longer hair as well. Use extensions to give length, or clip them in for a little body. Style using a flat iron to create waves, or with a curling iron – just don’t wrap hair too tightly, or you’ll end up with curly hair instead of waves.


Halle Berry straight hair

We love this long-straight style on Halle, because, like her short hair, her beautiful facial features are showcased. This simple look may require the use of extensions, because of its length. It’s also easier to achieve the lift body you need in a straight look by using a weave or clip-in extensions. Part hair slightly to one side and let the simple locks fall around your shoulders. Use a flat iron to manage any pieces that do not lay long and sleek.
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