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Which Jeans Flatter Your Figure Part II

In continuation of our first jean post Which Jeans Flatter Your Figure Part I, we're back to give you more important information for you to learn about your body type before you head to the mall to find a pair of jeans that you feel fits you well. As we mentioned before, finding a pair of jeans that fit your body type is very difficult at times because every body is made differently but don't give up because it can be done.

Some women are curvy, very thin, or might have a boyish frame. It doesn't matter what body type you are, what matters is that you feel happy and confident in a pair of jeans that you own. Perhaps you may be frustrated that you are unable to find a pair of jeans that flatter you. Read on to understand which jeans will fit you best and end your frustration once and for all.


Jeggings Do Wonders for a Variety of Different Body Types

Don't let jeggings scare you. They are designed to mold to your body while still giving everyone the appearance that they are jeans! They are snug yet comfortable and if you feel like your jeggings are too tight, simply pair them with a lose top and a belt.

Trouser Jeans Put Emphasis on Your Natural Waste Line

If you desire to hide your stomach or not put as much emphasis on your thighs, put more attention on your natural waist with trousers. However, be aware that most trousers go above or sit near your belly button in case you are used to jeans that rest on your hips. Trouser jeans put emphasis on the small of your waste while hiding a bulging stomach and larger legs.


Relaxed - Fit Jeans Are Very...Relaxing!

Lay back and enjoy in a pair of relaxed fit jeans, which allow you to bend and do your tasks freely, feeling comfortable and at ease at the same time. They are generally made for hourglass and pear shaped figures and are roomier all around.

Plus Size Jeans Gently Hold You in

As we mentioned before, every woman comes in a different shape and size. Plus size jeans are designed with a waist that is slightly lower in the front and higher in the back so your under clothing doesn't accidentally peak out from underneath your clothes. Made with a wide waste band, plus sized jeans gently hold you in and make you feel beautiful at the same time.

When jeans originally came out, they were a new phenomenon and everyone desired to purchase a pair. Now jeans have changed and have been developed to fit a variety of women who are made in many different shapes and sizes. If you go into a store that specializes in jeans or offers quite a few to select from, they should be able to find the ideal pair for you. Now that you've caught up on what each type of jeans emphasize and which body types they most flatter, you'll feel more confident as you head to the sale's clerk, telling them (and not asking them) what kind of jeans you are looking for, only for you.

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