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Last Minute Halloween Makeup Tips to Look Sparkling & Spooky!

Happy Halloween! Are you headed out with your kids to get candy tonight or headed to a party? Whatever you do stay safe and have fun!

Perhaps you aren't sure what makeup to wear tonight for Halloween. Some people go all out and paint their faces and wear fake eyelashes while others go for a more natural look and smokey eyes. There are so many beauty products to recommend, and we're about to suggest some natural elements and darker elements that will amp up your look for tonight.

Perhaps this post will make you think of a few extra makeup products that you could incorporate into your makeup for a fab look!

1. Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are an easy and fun way to add the right amount of makeup to create spooky eyes on Halloween night. If you have a Macy's or Sephora near by, head there and ask for the Smoky Eyes kit. They offer step by step instructions on how to create a gorgeous smokey eye in a matter of minutes. Or, in your case, a spooky eye in a matter of seconds.

If you plan on being a pirate like Penelope Cruz from Pirates of the Caribbean or if you want to look like a corpse bride or ghost, smokey eyes are the perfect addition to your costume. Have fun creating smokey eyes that will spook and haunt everyone around you!

2. Extreme Glitter Eye Shadow

If you are going for more of a sultry look this evening and want to glam up your makeup look - go out and find some eyeshadow or blush that has glitter incorporated in it. Bare Minerals came out with a Extreme Glimmers kit that comes with eye shadow primer to keep the eyeshadow on your lids for an extended amount of time.

With extra glitter on your face and eye lids, your face will certainly glimmer in the darkness when the door opens and a person hands you Halloween candy with your kids! Or, if you want a bold party look for tonight, glitter is the way to do it. Dress as a pixie, Tinkerbell, or enchantress and have a wonderful time tonight.

3. Black Lipstick

Have you forgotten about black lipstick? If you are going for a darker and Gothic look black lipstick would be dark for the evening. You'd look great as a vampire or some other creature that would like to scare everyone away that you encounter.

Or better yet - if you are staying in doors and just handing out candy, why not wear some black lipstick to make it look like you're attempting to have a partial costume? Black lipstick combined with the smokey eye look would look amazing. Or, use black eyeliner to create some slight lines like the model in the picture has. It's a dramatic look that will definitely get everyone's attention.

Have a very Happy Halloween tonight! Don't forget about our post that discusses clip on extensions that will work wonderfully for the evening ahead as well as future events for the upcoming holidays!

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