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Keep Warm and Shine On! DIY Sparkle Tights for Thanksgiving

Have you ever encountered this situation? Its 40 degrees and windy, but you’re about to head out the door to go to a cocktail party (or to a Thanksgiving dinner!) Proper party attire dictates that you wear a dress that’s short- about knee length. How do you make it to the party without freezing?


In the winter, tights can be a girl’s best friend, but sometimes they can be a little boring. Sure you’re thankful to have something covering your legs, and there are many styles of tights available, but most of these styles are thin- not thick and opaque. The embellished tights that are thick enough can be astronomically expensive. What’s the solution? Make your own embellished tights by following these simple steps!

How to Make Tights That Are Fashionable and Functional:

Embellished tights were incredibly popular on the runways of high-end designers this season, and now they’re also quite expensive. To get around this obstacle, you can make similar tights yourself!

For this project, you will need a pair of high denier tights. Denier refers to how sheer or opaque a pair of tights is, and you’ll want opaque tights because they’re thicker and stronger. You’ll also need fabric glue and whatever kind of flat-back crystals you want to use; if you don’t find any at a local craft store that you like, Etsy is a great alternative.

You also need to keep all side of the tights from touching each other, so they don’t get glued together. We recommend wearing the tights while you are gluing on the crystals, but you’ll have to be patient and keep them on until they have fully dried.

Step 1: Collect the crystals you want to apply to your tights. You may want them all to be the same size, or be different sizes. Decide what kind of pattern you want to apply your crystals in. In this tutorial, the crystals are added randomly.

Step 2: Apply fabric glue to the back of each crystal and secure carefully to tights.

Step 3: Give your tights a chance to dry before you take them off. Check the back of your glue for an approximation.

Step 4: Now you have your finished tights; the perfect way to accessorize a short dress while staying warm!


Have a great Thanksgiving! We're thankful for you fashionable customers! ;)

-Perfect Locks

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