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Important Hair Extension Regimen Secrets Revealed

shootIf you currently wear hair extensions then you must be dying to know the secrets behind keeping them looking their best. It's obvious that celebs seem to have shiny and healthy looking tresses, and besides them having an outstanding stylist, what other secrets are they holding on to so tightly? These regimen secrets are more simple than you think. From using conditioner regularly to treating your hair kindly while styling it, these are just a few ways to keep your extensions shiny and radiant.

Silicone is Your Friend

Instead of opting for a heavy conditioner, look for the active ingredient silicone in hair products, such as  dimethicone or cyclomethicone. This ingredient coats your hair strands with a thin film as opposed to a thick film, which results in voluminous hair that is not greasy.

Load up on Salmon and Nuts

Besides just taking care of your tresses on the outside, remember that it all starts on the inside of your body. Hence this is why it is important to eat foods high in protein and omega-3 fats. You can find these nutrients in salmon and nuts, for example. The omega-3 fats allow for a healthier scalp which protects not only your real tresses, but your hair extensions too. If you have a healthier scalp then you can keep your extensions in longer. Whatever you do, don't fall for the hype of a fad diet because it's never a good idea to starve your body of vital nutrients it needs to keep you and your hair healthy.

Wash Hair in Lukewarm Water

You've most likely read two different extremes: never wash your hair in hot water and always try to wash your hair in cold water. We know how difficult both are, which is why you should stick with lukewarm water. This type of water will not harm your tresses, but still give you some warmth while you bathe or shower. Lukewarm water will protect your tresses from becoming dry and brittle, which means your extensions will last longer and will look shiny and beautiful daily.

Skip the Powerful Blow Dryer

Another tip you might have heard of time and time again is skipping the blow dryer all together, which is a good idea but we understand how you need a dryer now and again to help style your hair. This is why you shouldn't feel like you have to put away your blow dryer all together, but instead look for a blow dryer that is not as powerful. Or, at least run your powerful dryer on low when you're styling your hair.

Keep in mind that the higher the volume of the dryer the more your hair will dry out, so dry your hair slowly if you need to blow dry it. Also, purchase the less powerful dryers. Most blow dryers dry hair at the same amount of time, so don't think you're doing your tresses any favors by investing in the most powerful of blow dryers.

Brush Less

Brushing your hair extensions less will not only help them last longer, but this will prevent your real hair from falling out consistently. To keep from losing more hair than what's normal only brush your hair when necessary and use a brush with ball-tipped bristles to protect your tresses.

Happy brushing and taking care of your weave and extensions perfect Lockettes!

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