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If Only a Girl Could Wake up, Wash, and Go

Sometimes we wonder how it would be if a woman's hair life would be just as easy as a mans. Most boys don't have to style their hair. They can simply get up and go. They hop in the shower, run their fingers through their hair, apply a little bit of gel, and they are on their way.

However...with most women this just isn't possible. But we can't help but think, what if it was possible? You might feel liberated, but then you'd look in the mirror and might not like your hair do. This is what would or could happen if you decided to get up and go:

You'd Miss Your Straight Hair

Do you have naturally curly locks but you prefer them to be straight? If you woke up and headed out the door you'd be stuck with out of control tresses that you just wouldn't know what to do with.

Men may be able to just head out the door without straightening their hair, but women who prefer straight hair have to take twenty minutes or more to straighten their locks. Well, unless they have a straight virgin Indian hair extensions. Now this would make styling hair a lot easier. ;)

You'd Encounter a ton of Frizz

Even if you have naturally straight hair, everyone encounters frizz. Even guys encounter frizzy hair, but we think that they look "cool" with it. With women, their hair is considered unruly. Women like their their hair to be straight and sleek. We admit that using a product that helps tame your frizz isn't that time consuming, it just more of having to put it in your hands and then taking the time to wash them. Let's face it - having beautiful hair comes at a price.

Can you Imagine Life Without a Curling Iron?

Yes, sometimes naturally curly locks are nice, but isn't a curling iron equally as nice to curl a few unruly curls that aren't going the right direction? We're sure some male models or even every day guys with all sorts of professions curl their hair, right? Well, we're not sure. But if they do - props to them!

Women like to curl their locks to pronounce and add volume. Curling hair also is handy for creating an up do. Without a curling iron you'd have a wavy natural look, but not thick and luxurious curls. We don't know about you but we'd miss this look.

We Think Girls Have More Fun

In conclusion, even though men have the liberty to get up and go, women get the luxury to get up and take their time styling their hair. It not only is therapeudic, but it results in self confidence and feeling beautiful. Isn't it nice going to work and getting compliments on your hair? Or being able to style a new outfit with gorgeous locks that look stunning? We think that guys may enjoy getting up and going, but we enjoy styling our hair and looking glamorous.

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