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How to Maintain the Perfect Brow

Every woman has been there: a visit to the salon goes well, and you walk out with perfectly groomed and arched eyebrows. One week later, though, stray hairs are starting to peek through, and that neat brow line is getting a bit blurred. You have two options. First, you can go back to the salon for a shape-up, which may not cost that much for the visit, but will add up over time. You second option is to maintain your brow at home, saving a fair amount of money in the process.

So how is it done? Well, the best way to keep your brows in line between salon visits is to tweeze them. Unless you are a trained professional – and maybe not even then - do not attempt to wax or thread your own eyebrows. Tweezers will give you maximum control and precision without the dangers of burning or scalding yourself.

In addition to tweezers, you will need to gather a cool, wet towel, cotton balls and rubbing alcohol, and a magnifying mirror to help you do the job. A good magnifying mirror will help you target the smaller, harder-to-get hairs that might escape your gaze under normal conditions. Position yourself in a place with good lighting, preferably over a sink or someplace else where the lights will not cast misleading shadows.

Next, wipe your brows and your tweezers with a cotton ball dipped in the rubbing alcohol, just to make sure you start with a clean, germ-free palate. Then start gently tugging out stray hairs from underneath the brow line established by your stylist. Maintain a firm grip on the tweezers and pull hairs out in the same direction that they grow; this will ensure that you remove the whole hair from the root, instead of simply breaking the hair off. You should see a whitish bulb at the root of each hair.

Use a cotton ball to wipe away removed hairs and prevent buildup. For best results, follow the line created beforehand by your stylist, and stick to the bottoms of your brows. Be very wary of tweezing hairs from the top and head (innermost point) of your eyebrows, as this can destroy your line completely.

Once you’re done, swab your newly-plucked eyebrows and tweezers with alcohol again, especially if you experience any spotty bleeding. Follow this up with a cooling gel or soothing lotion, and you’re ready to go – and ready to save over $100 a year in salon visits!

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