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How to Keep Your Hair Healthy This Winter

long hair The weather has started getting colder in most places, and the cold winter weather combined with excessively heat-treating your hair can create damage that’s hard to fix. It may feel good in the moment to stand under that hot shower stream, but chances are you’ll feel it later when your scalp gets dry. It may also feel good to turn up your blow dryer to its hottest setting and spend some extra time warming your fingers along with drying your hair, but it may not create the results you prefer when it comes to the texture and health of your hair. Here are a few must-do hair care tips during the winter months:

Invest in a Good Conditioner

Some experts have compared indoor heating to spending the day under a hair dryer. While we know the results probably aren’t that damaging, they still aren’t great for your hair. One way to help ward off the dryness caused by indoor heating is through investing in a good quality, moisturizing conditioner. Look for humectants and fatty acids, which help trap the moisture in the hair. Women with thick hair should invest in a moisturizing hair pack and use it once a week. Try our Perfect Locks Leave-In Conditioner which is a sulfate-free, paba-free detangling, and conditioning spray with an added sun filter. If any moisturizing conditioner is weighing down your hair, consider using less or using it every other day or a couple of times a week.

Zap Static

Static can be a big problem during the winter months, giving your hair a weird, itchy feeling and causing embarrassing fly-aways. Static sprays work, but they are full of harsh chemicals and don’t make your hair smell as pretty as it should. In the same way that dryer sheets tame the static from your clothes, they can do the same for your hair. Simply take a dryer sheet and wipe it over your styled hair to tame those wayward pieces.

Swap in Alternative Products

If you use gel products, switch to cream for the winter. Cream products are actually outselling today’s markets, because they add moisture to hair while providing the same sculpting elements that gels have. They also make hair more pliable and increase elasticity, which prevent breakage. Check your hairspray to see if it contains alcohol. If it does, switch to a non-alcohol product for the winter to prevent excess drying. Also avoid spraying perfume directly on your hair – its contents can also dry the hair. When you're on the go also check out our Vital Hair Care Travel Set for healthy tresses all winter long.
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