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Not Just for Boys: How to Get a Bargain at the Barber Shop

With pocketbooks still hurting and the recession still not receding, now is the time to find creative ways to look fantastic on a budget – and one of those ways is to visit your neighborhood barber shop for routine hair maintenance. Many ladies may think that barber shops are all-boys clubs where women aren’t wanted, but nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, barbers all over the country want your business and even a bit of a female presence to help “class up the place.” So here’s the lowdown on how to do it right!

Know Your Services

Barber shops are good for more than just short, boyish haircuts (although they are probably the best places to get them, if you want them). Barbers are trained in a variety of procedures, and while your corner haircutter may not promote his abilities widely, he knows how to curl, cut, relax, and wash hair. A licensed barber can add layers to your mane, keep your hairline shaped up, and trim your ends. In addition, many black barber shops today offer natural hair care classes and services like loc maintenance, twists, and comb coils.


The key, however, is to find a shop that can do the best job on your tresses. While every barber has rudimentary knowledge of how to style women’s hair, not all of them have the skill or training to make you look your best. That’s why you also have to…

Do Your Homework

A basic barber shop is not equipped for much more than haircutting; most have only one sink, if they have one at all, and not many hair products. However, many shops today offer a full range of services, from shampoos and conditioning to styling. Others shops have in-house hairstylists who can do a multitude of hair designs for a very reasonable price.

So do research and check out your options to find the best fit your needs. Seek referrals from friends and family, or sit in on a few sessions as the barber works on another woman. And make sure to ask plenty of questions before you sit down in the chair; you need a cut that suits a woman’s features and flatters your face and head shapes, not a man’s!



It’s true that a lot of men love the barber shop because it’s a place to discuss issues without holding back or trying to be politically correct. But that doesn’t mean you’re not welcome to join the fray! Simply relax and be yourself, and you should have no problem being accepted.

More important than your interactions with your fellow customers, however, is your relationship with your barber. Just as you would with your stylist, make sure to be on time for your appointments. A master cutter will have plenty of people waiting to take your spot in his chair if you don’t! And while your barber may not want to chat you up with girl talk, chances are they still appreciate friendly, interesting conversation - so be open!

In the end, services at a barber shop usually cost a fraction of what they do at a traditional women’s beauty shop. And they take less time! From trims to natural hairstyles to short haircuts, you can zoom in and out of your barber’s chair with a great look that didn’t break the bank. It’s worth a look!

Take care of yourselves,


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