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How to Do a Chic, Cute Holiday Bow Hair Style

classic hair bow via Buzznet:

The hair bow is a gorgeous, girly trend this season, and it’s perfect for the holidays. You can dress it up with some ribbon, a sparkled headband, red berries, or some gem-toned clips. Women of any hair length and thickness can achieve this hairstyle simply by adding in a few extensions, depending on what your needs are. This guide will help you create a basic tufted hair bow, then add accessories to complete the look. You’ll get tons of compliments at those holiday parties.

Stuff You'll Need:

Paddle brush
Bobby pins
Small teasing brush
Hair spray
OPTIONAL: Accessories, such as a headband, holly berries, or gem-toned clips

Step 1

Clip in extensions to give your hair additional length or thickness, depending on your hair type. Brush your hair up into a smooth, high ponytail, shifted slightly to the side. Wrap your hair into a ponytail, but use your final elastic wrap to create a large loop with a long tail. Twist the tail toward the front of your hairstyle and leave it alone for now.

Step 2

Split your loop down the middle to form the two sides of the bow. Use your small teasing brush to build volume in each loop (you don't want the bow to appear too floppy). Insert your comb into each side of the bow and gently comb backward, creating volume without making it too messy. Pin both sides of the bow down with bobby pins to give them more shape. Try to hide the bobby pins inside the bow, and make sure the bobby pins match your hair color.

Step 3

Now, grab the tail from your original loop and tease it to build volume. Then flip the tail over the center of your bow (toward the back of your head) to cover any loose ends. Tuck and pin any remaining hair at the base of your bow. Again, try to hide the pins under the bow.

Step 4

Tease, shape, and securely pin your hair. You can keep the style classic or add a little pizzazz with ribbon, glitter, or ornaments. If you add embellishment, keep it simple, adding just one hair accessory or a bit of glitter. Let the hairstyle itself be the main focal point of your style. Spray a generous amount of hairspray to seal everything in place.
hair bow
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