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How to Define Curls in Your Virgin Curly Hair Extensions

virgin curly hair extensions Blogger Ebony C. Princess of Longing 4 Length in our Virgin Curly Hair Extensions

More women are wearing their hair curly than straight these days and hair extensions are no exception.  If you decide to purchase Perfect Locks virgin curly hair extensions there are a few things you should know to get the look you envision.  First off, our virgin curly hair extensions have more of a deep wavy ‘s’ shaped curl versus a tight spiral curl – if that is the look you desire, the tight or even kinky curly textures from our Steam Collection may work best for you.

Getting back to virgin curly hair - any curlista will tell you that their natural curls require some type of product for definition, hydration, and frizz prevention.  Because virgin hair is completely unprocessed human hair, it behaves much in the same way your naturally curly hair does.  So here are five tips for how to define the curls in your virgin curly hair extensions:


  1.  Avoid product buildup.  Keep your extensions clean by shampooing regularly with a sulfate free formula (our shampoo works very well).  Product buildup will weigh down your extensions preventing the curls from forming freely.
  2. Hydrate! Spraying the extensions with water will moisturize the hair and reactivate the curl pattern.  The best thing about water is it is free and will not cause any build up on the hair.
  3. Avoid rubbing.  When you’ve wet the hair either from spritzing to help the curls to pop or after washing, try not to rub the hair to remove excess water with a towel or other material. Instead gently twist the hair and squeeze the excess water from the extensions.  Rubbing will cause frizziness and may even cause the hair to tangle.
  4. Use a cream based product.  Creams usually require less product to be added to the hair than sprays and are able to be more evenly distributed.  You may choose to use a dollop of your favorite conditioner or a curl enhancing cream.  Either way, start with as little product as possible and distribute using a wide tooth comb.  Add a bit more product if necessary, but remember less is more!
  5. Sleep on Satin.  Cotton causes friction on your virgin curly hair extensions and roughens the cuticle, robbing them of moisture and causing frizz.  Sleeping on satin will help your curls remain intact much better throughout the night therefore taking less effort (and little to no additional product) the next day to style.
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