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How to Color Your Own Hair Extensions

Altering your hair color can give you an instant new look. The change can be dramatic or subtle, depending on what color you give your hair. The color of your hair can have an impact on the texture of your hair and it can enhance hairstyles. When deciding to color your hair make sure you choose a color that will fit you.  Sometimes people don't realize how easy it is to color hair extensions, it's the same as coloring a real head of hair!  One thing to keep in mind is that you should only color hair that hasn't been colored yet.  Coloring hair extensions that are already colored is not a good idea as it has already been heavily processed.  It's advised that you use virgin, natural colored (color 1b) indian wefts or bulk hair to apply the color, as it's already in it's already in it's purest state.  Also,  You always want to make sure you do your research in choosing a safe hair color system, there are brands that have proven themselves to be safe for consumers to use.

Not everyone has the extra money to get their hair colored at a salon. A so called professional color can sometimes cost over $60.00. That "professional" look can still be achieved if you do it the right way. Coloring your hair is as easy as writing a letter. It takes considerable time and it's simple.

Steps to Color Your Hair:

  1. Make sure you read the instructions at least twice. Reading the instructions is important; it will help you avoid making unnecessary mistakes. Before you begin make sure do the strand test recommended. The strand test will help you determine how much time you need for your hair to color.  Wear the gloves included, they are for your protection. Once your gloves are on you can mix and stir the hair color solution. Most of them require you to add the color formula to a developer and shake or stir well.
  2. Now you can begin applying the color mixture to your hair. You begin applying it to your roots and work your way down to the ends of your hair.  You can part your hair into sections, that way you color every strand.
  3. Next, pile your all your hair on top of your head and cover your hair with the plastic cap. This cap is usually included in the package. Begin timing how long the hair color has been in. If you did the strand test, you will know exactly how much time you needed for your hair to change color.
  4. After your time is up you can wash all the color mixture out your hair. Make sure you thoroughly wash all the substance out of your hair.  Condition your hair to replenish the moisture. Usually a special hair conditioner will come with the coloring solution.

Blow dry your hair completely. You will see the results!

See, coloring your hair isn't so difficult after all. It's as easy as changing your clothes only if you do it right!  We still recommend that you choose the right hair salon for a professional hair coloring job, we are simply offering this advice as an alternative measure for those of you who are confident enough to try it.

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