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How to Choose the Right Hair Extensions

Rihanna rocks a sexy hair extension side ponytail for the launch of her River Island range. Rihanna rocks a sexy hair extension side ponytail for the launch of her River Island range.

It’s no secret that celebrities wear hair extensions. How else would they achieve that polished, full, voluminous style? In the past, good hair extensions were only for celebrities because of their massive price tag, but today clip-ins and wigs have increased significantly in quality. Still, some individuals have a difficult time envisioning their manes with hair extensions, fearing that their hair will look tacky or fake. Nothing could be further from the truth with good hair extensions. In fact, many will improve the look of health and fullness for your hair. The key is to choose the right extensions for your hair. Length, texture, and color are all equally important. Take a look at these tips to help you find the right fit.


When you choose hair extensions that aren’t the right length, you’ll be left with obvious signs that you’ve chosen a weave. Often short, choppy pieces will appear in front, amid your natural hair, and longer pieces will hang down in back beyond your natural hair. Many stylists recommend purchasing two different lengths of extensions, so you can blend them together before putting them in your hair, creating an all-over stylish look.


Different women have different hair textures due age, ethnicity, or heredity. They key is blending your extensions with the hair you already have – you want your natural hair to work for you, not against you. If your hair is super straight and you’ve always dreamt of having curly hair, don’t expect the extensions to do all the work for you. Transform your natural hair first, and

straight virgin 16 inch hair Jennifer's straight virgin 16 inch hair. Check out the natural wave and body of the texture.

use the extensions as a boost. If you attempt to blend two different textures without the proper preparation, you’ll end up with a mess.


Hair extensions have come a long way, and there are many colors available for women. You can try to match extensions to your hair color as closely as possible, even if it means ordering a few different colors, so you can view them in different lighting. You may not find an exact match, but as long as it’s as close as possible, you’ll be okay. Notice now natural hair often has different layers of depth and brightness. It’s helpful to peruse the website thoroughly to see what shades are available, so you can make an educated choice. Ask a friend’s opinion if you’re struggling to decide.

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