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How to Choose the Perfect Shade of Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone to be On-Trend for Fall

Finding the perfect shade of lipstick is about more than just picking the perfect color to match your skin tone; after-all, make-up not only accessorizes an outfit and enhances a woman’s beauty, the make-up you wear can express confidence. Red is the “it” color for fall, so it’s important to find the right shade for you! Learn how to convey confidence and show you’re on trend with your lips without even opening your mouth!

Iman: “Dark”

Make-up artist, Raychel Wade, recommends that “with deep, dark skin like Iman's, a blue-based, cool shade can work beautifully.” To get this look, Wade recommends a lipstick with a “fig-shade” like “Cellular Luxe Lip Colour in Velvet by La Prairie.”


Selita Ebanks: “Coco”

Selita Ebanks has “dark skin with natural gold undertones.” Wade suggests that with gold undertones, you should choose a lipstick in the same warm family. To get the look, choose a lipstick that’s a “matte orange or red” like “Rust Sinner by Lipstick Queen.”


Kourtney Kardashian: “Bronze” 

According to Wade, women born with bronze complexions like Kourtney Kardashian can wear almost any shade of red lipstick. For women with “warm undertones and peach-tinted cheeks”, Wade recommends a lipstick that’s in the coral family and shiny. To get this look, try the “Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil in Coral Glow by Sephora.”


Lauren Conrad: “Beige”

LC has a “beige” skin tone- a California girl “slightly sun-kissed” complexion. The shade Wade recommends, one with “dark, deep lip with gold undertones,” is actually a shade that she says can work with all skin tones. To get the look, Wade recommends “Black Cherry by NYX Black Label Lipstick.”


Kate Bosworth: “Fair”

If your skin tone is extremely fair with pink undertones like Kate Bosworth’s, it’s important to avoid a color that completely washes you out.  Wade advises a "matte red lipstick that slightly errs on this side of orange" that will work to bring out undertones without making you look pale. To get this look try “Red Lizard by NARS.”

Choose the right shade of red lipstick and you’ll create a look that’s classic, confident, and on-trend for fall!

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