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How to Care for your Human Hair Extensions

Washing your hair extensions is easy and you should always make sure to keep them clean. After doing activities that would make you sweat, you must wash your hair as soon as you are home. It would build up dirt as well as sweat and you may have a hard time dealing with hair tangles. If you are have hair tangles, remove it first before washing your hair. Make sure that you do not bend over when washing. Start from the root up to the tip. There are also nice shampoos that you can use which are specially made for hair extensions.

Just like your normal hair, you hair extension can also be made in a style that you desire. When styling your hair extension, see to it that you only use a brush with soft bristles. Unlike washing, you should start brushing your hair from the tip and work your way up to the top. Always brush the hair gently to avoid tangles. Make sure that you also brush your hair extension at least twice a day. It is not advisable to use curling irons or hair dryers in hair extensions unless needed. The more often you use these kinds of hair styling equipments, the shorter will be the lifespan of your hair extension. Besides, it also contributes to hair damage and hair fall as well. Just allocate enough time and let it dry naturally.

At the end of the day, you would probably want to wash your hair to get rid of the dirt you got from all the activities that you had. Make use of the washing tips that was mentioned before. Afterwards, let it dry again naturally. See to it that you do not sleep with your hair wet so that the extensions will not be damaged.

Good hair products should be used in caring for your extensions. Rather than using conditioners that you would wash off before you leave the shower, use the leave-on conditioner instead. This would help you achieve a soft and bouncy hair all day long. However, you must put only ample amount of hair conditioner. The same goes for all the products that you would put in your hair. Too much hair product may cause hair tangle. Aside from that, you must not also use hair products that use alcohol as its main ingredient. This would result to dry and frizzy hair not only on the extension but to you natural hair at the same time.

And while you have extensions to make you look fabulous, do not attempt to do any hair treatments on your own. This includes hair coloring or perm. If you want to have hair treatments, let the stylist who extended your hair do it for you.

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