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How to Blend in Your Clip in Hair Extensions & a YouTube Example

If you just got some Clip on Hair Extensions from Perfect Locks and aren't sure how clip them into your hair correctly, we found a great tutorial via YouTube for you to check out. She mentions a lot of great tips, but here are some that stood out to us:

1. Blending means pinning up one section of your hair at a time. It may be tedious to do this, but your hair extensions will look a lot more natural if you choose to do it this way. So start at the bottom and work your way to the top. Slowly and surely you will reach the top of your head and you should have various clip in hair extensions dispersed throughout your hair.

2. With short hair you especially need to make sure that your clip in hair extensions are spread out so that it is not noticeable that you have short hair (making it obvious that you have clip in extensions). Short hair can easily be blended in with your clip ons, but you need to be selective as to how you place your clip in hair extension hair pieces. If during the first time you don't succeed, keep trying. Soon enough you'll get it and we'll be watching your video on YouTube! :)

3. Make sure your natural hair color matches the clip in extensions hair color. As the girl in the YouTube video mentioned, it's common sense to make sure your hair color matches. If your hair isn't black then head on over to our Clip On Extensions Custom Order page and match up your hair color to the colors that we have available. We have blonde, brown, and more clip on extensions available and you can easily match them up to your hair color.

4. Curl in your shorter locks into the clip on extensions. This means that you can curl your natural hair with a curling iron to make it blend in with your extensions. Or - if you already have curly locks consider getting our wavy or curly clip on hair extensions (5 piece) and your hair should be easy to style since your hair is already curly (or straight) as you place in your clip in hair extensions.

Clip on hair extensions are a great way to temporarily have longer locks, without committing to hair extensions. Simply clip them into your hair and you'll have longer locks for the evening! Your hair will look gorgeous too. We hope this tutorial helped answer any questions about installing your clip in hair extensions!

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