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How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

human_extThe cost of hair extensions can depend on many factors.   If you've browsed the Perfect Locks site you should have a general idea of what you would pay for quality Indian hair. The type of hair, the length of hair, and the method used for installation should all be considered when thinking about price.  There are  several different installation methods and types of hair extensions, each with it's benefits and downfalls:

The Application Method

1. Glue: Usually the cheapest method.  This method doesn't last long, about 2 to 4 weeks.  Don't be this cheap.

2. Sew in or weave: This method lasts at least a few months.  It's easy to style, and is an affordable solution.  Most likely around a few hundred dollars plus installation fees.

3. Fusion or bonding: This is an expensive and time consuming method.  It does last a long time but it is highly recommended to find someone qualified.  This can be costly.

The Type of Hair

1. Synthetic Hair: This type of hair is cheap, and it shows.  It can be made of synthetic hair which can actually melt when using a flat iron.  This is a dangerous method and is highly not recommended.  Cost is cheap.

2. Human hair: Human hair extensions are a step in the right direction.  However not all human hair is the same.  Human hair can sometimes be mixed with synthetic hair... they don't mention that part.  Also, chinese human hair can be very thin and won't last long.  Since you don't really know what you're getting, the cost can vary.

3. Quality Human Hair: Indian human hair is of the highest grade, and can last very long in comparison to other hair types.  Up to a year if properly maintained.  Virgin remy indian hair is completely natural, so you would treat it can be treated like your own hair that you grow.  More expensive but well worth the cost.

As you can see, there are many factors that can influence the price of hair extensions.  Choosing the right type of method and hair can lead to gorgeous results, at an affordable cost.  We at Perfect Locks recommend using Indian hair with the sew in weave method.  The hair can be bought from our site within a few hundred dollars depending on the length you choose.  Finding the right stylist for installation can be relatively easy.

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