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How Much Conditioner is Really Needed to Make Your Hair Silky Smooth?

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You might be wondering how much conditioner is the right amount of conditioner to use in your hair. The answer may surprise you, but the right amount of conditioner to use depends on you. It's all about trial and error. Learning how much to use in your hair is key - whether your scalp is oily or dry will tell you how much conditioner to use.

If you find your hair is too oily after showering, next time try using less conditioner. The key is to find a balance and using the right amount of conditioner that will make your hair happy. If your hair is too dry, try implement more conditioner. It may seem like common sense but figuring out what works best for your locks is important. Your hair will look lovely and full if you implement the right amount of hair care and styling.

Ideally the right amount of conditioner to use should not be any larger than a quarter in size. Be sure to disperse it evenly throughout your hair and let it sit in your hair for up to a few minutes while you are in the shower. The longer you leave it in - the silkier your hair will feel and become.

Another factor to take into consideration is that usually your hair will first show signs of oil near your ears, where you pull your hair up to put it in a ponytail and touch it, etc. By putting less conditioner in that area, it will help reduce the amount of oil that will become visible after washing if you don't put conditioner in that part of your hair to begin with.

While distributing the conditioner during a shower, avoid the sides of your hair near your ears. Disperse the conditioner throughout the bottom part of your hair and underneath your hair too, near the bottom of your scalp. Hair mostly gets tangled underneath your head of hair so to prevent this work in the conditioner more in that particular area. Your hair will be easier to comb out and you won't have to deal with with the occasional snarls that you sometimes come across.

Also finding quality conditioner is important. Perfect Locks offers quality hair care products that will make your hair look amazing and keep it healthy and long too. In particular try our Mixed Chicks Detangling Deep Conditioner, which will help work through your tangles. Also reconstruct the damaged areas in your hair, and transform your uncooperative hair into manageable locks you'll love.

Implement these tips and find the right amount of conditioner that's right for your hair type and you'll have locks that you adore. Remember - practice and observance takes time, so be patient, observe how your hair responds, and enjoy stunning hair that will be lustrous and beautiful.

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