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How Hair Extensions Will Feel in Your Hair

A frequently asked question when considering hair extensions is how they will feel in your hair. While there may be preconceived notions that hair extensions may not feel comfortable, this is not true. After a while you will find yourself forgetting that you even have them in your hair. Keep reading to understand why people misunderstand how hair extensions feel.

Hair extensions are expertly matched to your hair type and color and are applied so that you won't see any ridges or kinks where the hair extensions attach to your own hair. Your hair extensions should not look or feel any different from your natural hair. Also, no one will be able to tell you have hair extensions because they look almost identical to your own hair.

You also may be worried that hair extensions will make your hair feel heavier. However, your new hair extensions will just take some getting used to. After your hair extensions are attached they may feel heavier at first, but that is only because you have more hair than you used to have. Especially if you have very short hair, putting in long hair extensions certainly will certainly be a change for you but soon enough you won't even notice the difference once you get used to having additional hair.

The most important factor in regards to having hair extensions is making the decision as to what kind of hair extensions you desire to have in your hair. Discussing your thoughts with a hairdresser, stylist, or visiting our FAQ page should help tame your fears and questions. Don't be afraid to ask for advice because the experts will be able to give you the most valuable advice about what type of hair extensions best suit your hair.

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  • Ksusha_simba

    Hello, I have midlle length hair..I want to buy 26 inch clip in extensions will that be too heavy for me? Will clips leave bold spots where my hair suppost to be? And how much to 26 inch weight in pounds..I want them that long cause I'm 5'8".help plz

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