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Hottest Hairstyles for New Years Celebrations

New Years parties are about celebrating the past and anticipating the future. Even though the New Year is here, you're most likely still celebrating! Even though they are the earliest parties of the year, they can be some of the best, because most people involved are eager to dress their best to bring in the new year, and they come ready to celebrate. New Years parties are also a great excuse to get out your most sparkly, most glamorous cocktail dresses and elevate your hair and makeup styles to match. Here are a few great suggestions for the perfect hairstyle for on-going New Years parties.

Long and Lush

long hair

If you have long hair and are looking to show it off, choose a hairstyle that allows your hair to fall down around your shoulders, and pump up the volume to its maximum amount. Use hair extensions to add length and volume to your already gorgeous hair. Choose a dramatic part, make sure your roots are lifted, and either add rich curls, or go super-straight for a mod look. Be sure to tease and spray your hair, so it stays voluminous all night long. This gorgeous style is sure to get you at least one special midnight kiss.

High and Chic

top knot

Top knots are still all the rage, and this fantastic hairstyle is great if you want a glamorous look without having to fuss about it all evening. Side swept buns or a classic bun are also great options. Use extensions to give your hair terrific volume and length, then sweep up your hair as usual into a bun. You may adorn your bun with a simple accessory or flower, but don’t over-accessorize. Choose a classic cut dress with edgy details to balance the look, giving it an eclectic feel with the modern and the classic.

Sleek Pony


Ponytails aren’t just for working out anymore. Many ponytails offer sweet convenience and chic style. The way you finish this look matters. A workout ponytail might be carelessly pulled back. A chic ponytail may have a bit of extra volume at the top of the head, or the elastic used to pull the ponytail back may have some natural hair wrapped around it. Style your bangs to perfection, and ensure there are no lumps. Clip on hair ponytail extensions can add dramatic volume, which will take your pony from fine to fabulous. Be sure to accessorize with sleek elements to complete this gorgeous style.
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