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Hot, Hot, Hot: Summer Hair Colors that Sizzle

white blonde hairWith summer’s carefree, laid back days, it’s the perfect time to do something new with your hair – something that will turn heads on that vacation or days by the pool or beach. Embrace the changing of the seasons by infusing your locks with a new look that will refresh and excite you. Here are a few of our favorite, hot looks for summer.

Ice White Blonde

Ice white blonde, also known as platinum, is still a hot look and great for summer with its ultra-sun-kissed style. No matter what your skin color, this shade works well if you have clear, fresh skin. Both short and long styles work well with this color, and it’s easy to amp up the style for evenings out with a few extensions in a matching shade. Purchase a few ice white blonde extensions and take them with you to your hair appointment to match the tone perfectly. Keep this color healthy with regular trims and weekly moisturizing treatments. Team your light hair with hot pink lipstick for a surprising, summery-chic look.

Warm Ends

Ombre is still hot, but one of the most important trends for summer 2014 gives this trend an updated twist: warm ends on dark locks. If you’re a brunette, spruce up your style without going too crazy by adding some warm, red tones to the ends of your hair. The extra color will bring out skin auburn highlightstone and eye color. Be sure to get a good trim, so all ends are healthy and groomed while you draw attention to them. From bright red to burnt orange to copper, consult your stylist to find out what tone works best for you. Use extensions to add volume.

Auburn Highlights

Reds and auburns aren’t just for fall anymore. This summer’s colors are all about brightness and warmth. Add auburn highlights to dark hair to give dimension and life that look natural and flawless. Pump up the volume and glamour with big curls, and use extensions to add length and volume. Red tones look amazing with a variety of makeup colors, but you’ll want to be careful to take proper care of red, because it fades faster than other colors. Use a color safe shampoo, and wash every other day – fewer times if you can get away with it. This glamorous look will look great in casual settings and at the most fabulous parties.

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