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Hot and Healthy: Protecting Those Summer Tresses

black hairAre your summer tresses feeling dried out with split ends already and summer has just began? If they are it's more common than you think. Many people think that the summer is the only time when your hair can get dried out and this is partially true, but during the winter is when dry and damaged hair begins. When you reach summer time it's time to replenish your tresses from winter damage, and keep them healthy for seasons to come. Protect your hair extensions this summer and you'll have shiny locks wherever you go. Take care of your extensions and they'll look gorgeous and last a very long time as well.

Invest in Sulfate Free Hair Care Products

Sulfate-free goodness is definitely something you need to keep your tresses in excellent condition. Our exclusive line of sulfate-free, paraben-free, and ammonia-free hair care products will keep your hair in excellent condition without drying them out. Other products with these ingredients can lead to dry hair and a flaky scalp, ultimately damaging your tresses. Our products also have an infused oil which gives your hair the moisture that it craves while moisturizing your scalp, which in turn replenishes your hair follicles.

Use an Oil Treatment in Your Tresses

An oil treatment revitalizes your tresses and after a long day in the sun this is exactly what your hair needs. Remember with any oil treatment a little bit of oil goes a long way, so start by applying about a dime size amount of oil to the bottom of your tresses and move upward. Don't put the oil on the top of your head because it can cause an oily scalp, which can lead to flakiness. Apply a small amount of oil to your summer tresses weekly and your hair willconditioner be revitalized! Shiny and radiant hair will look beautiful during the summer time. You can find deep penetrating and fast absorbing French Argan Oil on our site. Hydrate and give shine to your hair when it's dry and brittle from having a little too much fun in the sun!

Be Gentle When Brushing Your Wet Tresses

You've probably received a lot of advice in regards to what to do when your tresses are wet, and even though many would say not to brush your locks when they are wet at all, it just so happens that you can brush your hair if you're extra gentle. If you have extra long hair extensions it's actually a good idea to brush it out when it's wet. Product such as a Leave-In Conditioner will help with this too. Use a pick and not a brush after you've applied your leave-in conditioner to gently work through your tangled hair. This is a gentle way to detangle your wet mane without causing damage or split ends. Now go enjoy the fun season ahead, but take care of those long or short summer tresses so that they look great during every season!

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