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Holiday Hair: How to Style a Voluminous Top Knot

Top knots have been in style for a few years now, and our sources tell us that this adorable, easy, chic style isn’t going anywhere. This Hepburn-esque style is perfect for many different occasions, from glamorous parties during the holidays to hot days on the beach. You can keep your hair out of your face and look fabulous while doing it. Best of all, the style lends itself very well to hair extensions, because length and volume are key to building this unforgettable look.
top knot11 Holiday Hair: How to Style a Voluminous Top Knot

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Placement and Preparation

Clip in hair extensions or simply brush out weave extensions. Your hair should be absolutely smooth when you begin. You’ll need hairpins, an elastic that won’t hurt or tear your hair, a brush, a teasing comb, and hair spray. When it comes to creating a top knot, placement is key — it should sit flat on the top of the head, and not too far back on the head.


The hair in the back must be completely smooth, and every part of the hairline should be brushed straight upward. Pull all of your hair upward, making sure the back is tight and smooth. Secure with a hair bungee or a small elastic. If you need more volume after your hair extensions are in, backcomb the ponytail for fluffiness. Don’t get too dramatic, because you’ll need to comb out the extensions when you’re finished with this style. Gentleness is key. Once you’re done, twist the hair into a circular shape around the elastic.
bun it1 300x300 Holiday Hair: How to Style a Voluminous Top Knot

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Adjust the bun and the elastic to make sure the placement is completely centered and that your hair isn’t pulling anywhere on your scalp. A minor pull may start to feel major after you’ve felt it for a few hours. Secure the bun with hairpins, inserting at the base of the bun and attempting to catch the pins near the elastic. You want to make sure the pins will hold for an extended period of time, especially if you’re going to a party or event that will span several hours. Since you backcombed the hair, you shouldn’t need too many to keep it in place, depending on the texture of your hair. Finally, secure the topknot with a firm holding hair spray. Add a glittery headband, some hair glitter, or another small element to give your hair a bit of shine.